Who am I? Well, let’s put it this way… if you were to look up awesome in the dictionary, you would see:


Pronunciation [aw-suhm]

Pronunciation [aw-suhm]


1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight.

BUT…. if you were to look me up in my old high-school yearbook, then you would indeed see my picture.

Anyway, why am I worthy of a blog, you ask? Well, Why the fuck not? everyone else has one, and they’re mostly garbage. So I might as well create on that is at least funny. If we we really are entering the blog-era, somebody might as well do it right. I will be that man.

Ah, the blog era. People start blogs for many reasons. Sure, there are some useful ones out there. But 99% of them are not. 38% are created by this guy:

emo kid.

22% are created by these people:

attention whores.

17% of them are created by this guy:


and the rest are created by:

Alright, that’s totally irrelevant. i just really, really wanted to include Gumby in my first ever blog post.  I lost track of the numbers at this point. But don’t worry about the numbers. The point is, only .00000000001% of blogs are created by this guy:


So sit back, take your shoes off, stay a while. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream, you’ll shiver, you’ll feel enlightened and stupid at the same time. You have officially been weinblogged. Oh, and I managed to go this entire blog post without some lame movie quote. so this blog is already that much better than everyone else’s.

That’s all for now. You stay classy, San Diego

…. dammit.

One thought on “Yo.

  1. Why people logged on to the internet before this blog was in existence is beyond me. I predict once word gets out about this new institution of media known as “Weinblogging”, people will finally discover a true justification of the World Wide Web’s existence.

    This is better than the day I received my first chain email telling me I was going to die if I couldn’t find 20 friends in 5 minutes to enlist.

    -#1 subscriber for life.

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