Random Sunday Night Thoughts

The term “FML”

People just love to complain. That’s a fact. They like to feel sorry for themselves and crave empathy. That’s always been the way of the world. But now, with the internet, it’s becoming more and more apparent how many people there are like this. I mean, I get how people have bad luck sometimes. Shit happens… it sucks. But it happens to everyone.

Then comes along the term “FML.” It’s become the new emo-anthem. And it’s just become ridiculously overused. Sure, “fmylife.com” was funny for like a day, but then it just became excessive. Just people whining about stupid things one after another. Like I said, there are definitely things that happen to people that warrant the term “FML,” but, I’ve seen things like this:

“Today I stepped in a puddle. FML”

Come on, people. Get real. There’s terminally ill people out there. Blind people. Handicapped people. People without food, shelter or family. You stepped in a goddamn puddle and you think your life sucks? Shut the hell up and appreciate what you have. Everyone has bad luck sometimes, it’s how you interpret it that matters. Is it a minor inconvenience in an otherwise fortunate, fulfilling life…. Or is it yet another unfavorable incident to add to the list of misery that ultimately proves that God personally hates you and wants you to suffer endlessly? Hopefully it’s the former. Again, come on people. God does not hate you and does not want you to suffer. Only I do.

I’m starting the official Anti-FML Movement. Who’s with me?!?


Brittany Murphy died today. Very young. Very sad. Although she never quite became a big star, she was still in some noteworthy movies. We’ll all remember Clueless, obviously. Great movie, and the ultimate guilty-pleasure flick. If you don’t like Clueless you’re simply in denial. She was also in Don’t Say a Word (“I’ll Never Tell!”), Sin City, 8 Mile, and forgettable movies such as Uptown Girls, Little Black Book and Just Married.

But everything’s okay, because Ashton Kutcher released a statement on Twitter:

“2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany’s family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon.”

Twitter, the traditional way to eulogize. I’m especially fond of the effort he put forth to actually write out all the words. Nothing screams ‘formal’ like the word ‘2day.’ Because everyone knows it’s more important to adhere to Twitter’s 140-character limit then to extend your most sincere thoughts into two separate posts.

It reminds me of President Jimmy Carter’s tweet when John Lennon died:

“omg we lost a gr8 man 2day. JL was 1 of my faves. Imagine = the shiznit. g2g”

Or Abraham Lincoln’s tweet when he freed the slaves:

“Hey twitterland, on this eventful day, I have freed the slaves. However, I think all the white people hate me now… especially in the south. FML”

But seriously, I really don’t mean to joke. She was way too young to die and will be remembered. RIP.


Other random thoughts:

– Fuckin Jets, man. Like, what the hell? Can I just have one year… one freakin year where everything goes smoothly? How much must I suffer? Mets, Jets, Knicks…. ugh. Sometimes I don’t even know why I follow sports. It only causes heartbreak. And Jay Feely… really Jay, really? Like after you screwed up the second field goal, didn’t you realize that you probably shouldn’t do that again? I know one of them wasn’t your fault, but… you’re the kicker. Even I could kick a 19 yard field goal. For that, you earn my “Epic Fail of the Week Award”

– It’s been three days now, and I still can’t stop thinking about Avatar. If you didn’t heed my advice and see it this weekend, then make sure you get on that soon. If anything, it’s worth the price of admission for the 3d glasses alone. MAJOR chick magnet.

– If you have the chance, pick up this game:

It’s a 90’s trivia game. Totally not worth the price at all, and it has a horrible format. But it makes for a helluva Saturday-Night-And-Theres-A-Blizzard-So-There’s-Nothing-Else-To-Do-But-Stay-Inside-Get-Drunk-And-Read-Eachother-90s-trivia-Questions. It’s worth it for that alone.

– I discovered today that there is a Home Alone 4. Possibly the worst movie ever created. it’s supposed to take place after home Alone 2, and yet Kevin somehow became younger. It boggles the mind sometimes that these movies get made. I mean, somebody wrote the script, somebody approved the script, somebody paid for the movie, a studio allowed them to film it, somebody directed it, and people starred in it. That’s like… what…. 50 dumbasses? Unreal.

– Pic of the week:

credit: Kristyn Blanc

K I’m gonna go. I’ll talk to you later my peeps. Oh and I got married this weekend… there’s a certificate for proof. Feel free to send your congratulations via the comments section.

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