Happy Valentine’s Day.

“Just go over and talk to her!”


“I said why don’t you go talk to her?

“Talk to who?”

“That girl you’ve been staring at all night!”

“Huh? I… I haven’t…”

“Oh, shut up man. It’s pretty fucking obvious.”

He says nothing. Had he really been that blatant? His friend has been talking to him about… something… but he couldn’t hold his attention. The most gorgeous girl he had ever laid eyes on was sitting alone at the opposite end of the bar. But he figured as long as he kept nodding and throwing in the occasional “yeah” and “I agree” to his friend, then it would at least appear that he had been paying rapt attention.

“Eh… I don’t know man, she’s not really my type.”

She was completely his type.

“I’m more into blondes.”

What was he talking about? He hated blondes.

“She probably has a boyfriend, anyway.”

He hoped not.

“Plus she looks like she’s a real bitch. I don’t need that”

Now he was just grasping at straws.

“Dude, if you say one more excuse not to go talk to her, then I will.”

“No… no… alright. Maybe I will. Maybe.”

Truth is, he had been thinking of opening lines in his head for the past half-hour. There was this girl, this perfect girl, sitting alone at the edge of the bar. At first he figured that she was meeting somebody, because a girl like that couldn’t possibly be single.

He had seen her, exactly thirty-two minutes ago when she walked into the bar. It was like a scene from a movie; when the beautiful girl walks into a party, and everything goes silent while romantic music plays in the background. That’s exactly what happened in his head. He watched as she walked in, sauntered gracefully towards the bar, and sat down in the last seat. She ordered a vodka tonic, and has since ordered another.

“So, you gonna do it, or what?”

“I don’t know… I still don’t think I’m ready to – “

“Oh, shut the hell up. It’s been six months since you broke up with Katie… dude you need to move on already!”

He doesn’t respond. Had it been six months already? It sure didn’t seem like it. Inevitably, the mention of Katie’s name sends him into a whirlwind of emotions. The day they first met at the subway stop… their first date… their first sexual experience… their walks in the park… the phone calls at 2 AM… the stupid arguments… the lack of communication… and of course, the break-up. It was a track that has been playing on repeat in his mind for the past six months, and there’s absolutely nothing he could do to stop it.

“…You there, man?”

“What? Oh… yeah… just give me a second…”

Ever since the break-up, he hadn’t even thought about the idea of meeting another girl. He had always been under the assumption that him and Katie would get back together. But it was exactly one month ago today when it finally registered in his head that it would never happen, when she showed up at the same party he was at… with her new boyfriend.

But that was until today. Until thirty-five minutes ago, when this gorgeous girl walked into the bar. For the first time, he imagines himself with her, and how good it would feel to love again. He imagines himself walking up to the girl and saying something funny. Or something smart. Even better, something funny and smart. She laughs, and he knows he’s in. They begin to talk, exchanging funny anecdotes about the world, and realizing by the minute how much they have in common.

She’s just broken up with somebody too, and has been since looking to meet somebody else, which is why she came to this bar tonight. In fact, she noticed him as soon as she sat down, and was hoping that he would come over… and he did. Hours fly by, but to the two of them time has become insignificant; there’s only two things in the world that they know…

Her… and him.

Before they know it, the bartender announces last call. He asks her for her number, and she gives it to him immediately. He kisses her on the cheek goodnight, and then leaves with his friends as they congratulate him on a job well done. Three stressful days pass by as he has to restrain himself a good fifty times from calling her, not wanting to seem to desperate. Finally, on the third day, he calls.

She has been waiting for his call. They agree to see each other that night, and they hit it off yet again. From that day forward, he knows that she is the one. After many dates, many phone calls, and many nights spent together… he finally meets her parents, and they love him. They move in together, and send out Christmas cards that following year with both of them on it.

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon, he proposes to her. She says yes. A year later, they get married. They grow old together, have kids, and never a day goes by where their love for each other doesn’t remain strong. Neither of them will ever forget that magical day at the bar that brought them together.

“Alright, time’s up man. Go talk to her.”

“Get me a shot.”

“Now, we’re talking! Bartender, two shots, please!”

He watches the girl across the room as his friend orders the shots. His heart skips a beat as he sees her glance over his way. Unless he’s seriously mistaken, he could have swore she just smiled at him.

“Here’s your shot, buddy.”

Without hesitation, he grabs the shot glass and pounds it, then slams the glass back down on the table.

It’s now or never.

He takes one more glance at the girl before taking a deep breath, and then walking straight towards her. His heart feels like it’s beating out of his chest; it’s so loud that he wonders if maybe she’ll even hear it. He’s halfway there, and by this time the girl seems to know what’s happening. She watches him as he makes his way over towards her.

He keeps repeating over and over in his head: Destiny. What else would have brought this girl to this bar tonight? This lowly, rundown bar in this small town that people rarely go to. There’s no doubt in his mind that it wasn’t a coincidence… that they both came to this bar for a reason. Destiny.

Here goes nothing. After six months of unhappiness, today is undoubtedly the day that he will be reborn.

He sits down in the empty seat next to the girl, and smiles. He already knows what he’s going to say.

“Hi… I couldn’t help but notice you from – “

“No thank you.”

No thank you? That’s not what she’s supposed to say…

“I… I beg your pardon…?”

“I have a boyfriend. But thanks.”

“Oh… right. Of course. Have a good night…’

The dream ends.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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