Chick Flicks.

I like all types of movies. And I like to mix things up. If I watch an action movie, maybe follow it up with a comedy. Then a drama. Then maybe a thriller or a horror movie. And every now and then, it’s good plain fun to throw in a romantic comedy.

Now, let’s get something straight. Romantic comedy does NOT necessarily equal chick flick. The Notebook = chick flick. Hitch = romantic comedy. Nights in Rodanthe = chick flick. Fever Pitch = romantic comedy. Just because there is romance involved, it doesn’t make it a chick flick. Every freaking movie has a romantic aspect in one way or another! Except war movies.

It’s definitely acceptable for guys to watch chick flicks. But there is a time and a place.

It’s definitely okay to watch romantic comedies – and even chick flicks – with a girl. That’s perfectly acceptable, regardless of the time or the place. Because guys are watching it for one reason and one reason only… (to snuggle with the girl while they watch it…)

If you’re watching them alone, and you’re a guy, that is when things definitely get sketchy. There’s many factors involved here.

Time of the day is key. If you’re watching it at night, by yourself, when there are plenty of sports on the television… then you have a problem. If it’s Friday or Saturday night and you’re watching these movies alone… then you have an even bigger problem. It doesn’t mean you’re gay, just very effeminate.

But if nothing else is on, and especially if it’s the afternoon, and you’re just looking for something to entertain you… then it is definitely okay.

Now we get to the question of why. Why watch these movies? Well, there are some really good romantic comedies there. True, most of them are overly sappy, cliché, and are mainly targeted towards women. However, when done right, romantic comedies can be very funny. My biggest concern with romantic comedies are that they are unrealistic. They are storybook scenarios of love stories. They are aimed toward hopeless romantics… and condition us to think that true love will always prevail.

Yet, as long as they are funny… that can be overlooked. Clueless is a great movie. Legally Blonde is another good one. These two films are carried by great performances by Alicia Silverstone and Reese Witherspoon. Without them, those movies would not be so great. Which brings me to my next point.

The chicks are hot! If you’re watching a movie solely so you can watch a specific actress in action for 90 minutes, then that is certainly not gay. It’s the same thing as listening to chick music. For example, I like listening to Taylor Swift because her voice arouses me. How is that gay? On the other hand, if listening to Livin’ La Vida Loca makes you want to dip into Ricky Martin….then you’re gay.

You may combat that argument with the statement: “If you want to get your fix, just watch porn!” Well the simple is answer is this: you can’t watch porn 24/7. You just can’t. Also, I don’t like watching stone-faced chicks with fake boobs dry-humping a corvette and faking an orgasm. I prefer women like Anne Hathaway or Amy Adams. Respectable working women who have talent. I like watching them in romantic situations, acting free and attainable. And just being hot. I can dream, can’t I?

There ain’t nothin’ wrong with enjoying a good old fashioned romantic comedy. After all, they’re called “guilty pleasures” for a reason.

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