March Madness

For sports fans, March Madness is the equivalent to waking up on Christmas morning as a child. There’s nothing better than getting to watch 16 college basketball games in one day, especially when you fill out a bracket for it beforehand.

What makes these games so great is the intensity and passion that the players play with; because up until this point in their lives they have never played on a bigger stage. Also, the possibility of an upset… this is the reason why mid-majors get into the tournament. We want to see the 15 seed take down the 2 seed. It’s the true David vs. Goliath story.

I’ve literally sat here all day and have done nothing except watch college basketball. It is extraordinary.

On that note, my bracket is already fucked. I’ve managed to lose four sweet sixteen teams and an elite eight in the first day. As of right now I’ve only got 6/14 correct today. However, most of the time I start out well and then fizzle out, so maybe this year it will be the opposite.

I mean bracket pools are a freakin’ crapshoot anyway. You got guys that watch college basketball religiously and then spend eight hours filling brackets while studying team schedules, statistics and expert opinions. Meanwhile, you pool ends up being won by your friend’s little sister who picked the winner of each game based on what mascot was cuter.

Nonetheless, it’s an awesome time of the year. Especially the first four days. You’re gonna get some great games and even better finishes.

They don’t call it March MADNESS for nothin’.

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