Dear Liver……… Sorry.

Yesterday marked the third day in the last eight days that I drank for the entire day. Now I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s not too good for my health. But it was totally worth it. The first two times were Vegas on Saturday and Sunday (of course), and the reason I did it yesterday was because it was Irishfest at Rockville Centre. Which means… all day pub crawl. I couldn’t miss that.

Drinking all day always sounds like a bad idea in theory, and when you start drinking that first beer in the afternoon it always feels gross. But when you finally get into it, you’re gonna have a great day. As long as you do it sporadically, the days are always going to be memorable. Because the more seldom you do it, the more it stands out. When you start making a habit afternoon drinking… than you have a problem.

So Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day. It’s like the Gods shined down on Long Island and said “My people… drink!” Perfect weather for a pub crawl. Don’t know what the exact temperature was but it felt like it was about 70. And the sun was shining in full force. Perfect.

Now I don’t know what exactly it was; the weather, the appeal of the bar crawl, or what… but I have never seen more attractive girls in Long Island before. Everywhere you looked there was good looking girls all over the place. That’s usually never case. I speculate that there simply were so many more people there due to the event that was taking place, and thus… more people = more pretty girls. Also, the weather was finally nice… so the girls didn’t need to be wearing eighteen layers to keep warm.  Whatever the reason was, it was a very pleasant surprise.

I know I mocked people that go out and celebrate St. Patty’s, especially when they’re not Irish… and those people were out in full force. Green shirts everywhere. I refused to wear one. In fact, I worse every color but green. Though I did wear a shamrock necklace that I earned after I paid 4 dollars for a jagerbomb.

So anyway, the bar crawl. Most of the bars were pretty packed, and it was fairly difficult to move around. But we finally got a prime position near the bar at RJ Daniels and started doing some damage. The thing to remember about bar crawls: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You have to take it easy with the liquor early, because it will take its toll later in the day. Beer will get the job done. But it’s still fun to take the occasional shot.

After staying at RJ’s for about an hour we headed over to McFaddens, which is also the name of a popular bar in NYC. That place was much better. The beer was cheaper and there was a lot more space. We stayed here for a while and got super drunk. The highlights were: me taking my first ever Irish car bomb… it was absolutely delicious. Also when an actual leprechaun showed up at the bar and started pouring liquor out of a bottle into girl’s mouths.

I was also watching March Madness on the televisions in the bar, which made it even more fun. I blogged about my disastrous first day, when I lost more than half the matchups. Well since then, shockingly, everything has gone my way. None of the big losses (Nova, Kansas) really affected me at all. However, that was until Pitt lost today… that was my first final four team to be eliminated. Oh well.

Anyway, so the bar crawl was a massive success. By around 9:00, some of my friends were shot and wanted to call it a day. I, however, was just getting started. I hopped on a train and headed westbound to the city. I knew of a party that was going on and wanted to continue the good times.

The trend of good-looking girls did not stop. I also realized a great strategy for securing a second encounter with girls. If you have an event planned – in this instance, my birthday party is in 3 weeks – before you part ways you tell them of it and act like you really want them to come. It worked pretty well last night. Even after my birthday passes I can adjust it a little.

Instead of: “Oh by the way… My birthday party is in a couple weeks, you should totally come!”

I’ll say: “Oh by the way… I’m going out to dinner… by myself… in a couple weeks, you should totally come!”

Could work…

I’d say there wasn’t really one specific time throughout the day that I was overly trashed, but I had a very consistent drunkenness going. I took it easy at the party in NYC, especially considering how much I spent earlier the day. But I drank so much that I really just needed to nurse a few beers to stay nice and drunk.

Here is a brief dialogue that took place between my friend and I last night that showed how drunk I was…

My friend was wearing a shirt that only had one sleeve, so one of her shoulders was bare… I don’t know what you call those since I know nothing about fashion. But I walk up to her out of nowhere and say “Hey, your shirt is missing a sleeve!” Which isn’t even that funny to begin with by the way. In response, she just looks at me and says: “That’s the third time you’ve said that to me tonight.”

But it was a good day. My wallet took a little hit… but you can’t put a price on fun. Caught the 2:37 train home, arrived at my house at 3:50 AM… it was a great day. And made a few new facebook friends to boot!

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