My Sports Teams Love To Tease Me

Tonight perfectly exemplified why I watch and love sports. There’s heartbreak, excitement, jubilation, and anxiety all in the span of minutes. I turn on my TV at 7:00 and start watching Syracuse/Butler. I have an intense hatred for Syracuse because the worst person I’ve ever met in my life is from there. So I root against them more than I root for myself to even make it through the day. Plus I had Syracuse losing in the sweet 16 in my bracket.

Butler got off to a hot start, but I didn’t think too much of it because sports rarely ever go my way. But, they went into the half up ten. I started to think it was possible. Then the game got tight, and Syracuse went up four with a couple minutes left. Inevitable… game over. But then something happened. The heavens opened up and God shined his ever glowing light on the Butler Bulldogs. They went on a huge run and beat Syracuse by 5. Pure ecstasy. Not the drug… but had I taken it, I probably would have felt the same way.

So, then I turn on the Rangers/Devils game. Rangers are down 3-2 late in the third and then POW! Chris Drury ties the game. It goes into overtime and then a shootout, and the Rangers win and pick up a desperately needed two points. Also, West Virginia beat Washington which I had in my bracket. For once, things were going my way.

That should have been the first indication that bad things were on the horizon.

At this point I referred to my bracket, and came to the realization that I can only come in first place in my pool if Xavier beat Kansas State. This is because there is a certain female being, I won’t give her name away for privacy reasons… so let’s just call her Melissa D. No that’s too obvious, let’s go with M. D’Onofrio. Anyway, she had almost an identical bracket as me, because we are soul mates and all. So the only way I could surpass her is if Xavier upset Kansas State.

Again, I was pessimistic. However, Xavier was playing a solid game and kept up with Kansas State (who, interestingly enough, play their home games in Manhattan, Kansas, nicknamed the “little apple” – look it up). Xavier miraculously tied the game up in dramatic fashion at the end of both regulation and the first overtime. I started to believe.

However, I should have known better. All my teams love to tease… but they just can’t finish. And I am left with sports blue balls. K-State won the game by 5, and my bracket is nearly busted. However, I can still win second place and get 100 bucks. I won’t complain about that.

So an evening that started out so promising ended up in bitter disappointment. But, at least I got to watch some awesome sports action. You really can’t put a price on getting to listen to Gus Johnson call a dramatic game.

It’s just what happens. My teams love to disappoint me. However, one day… ONE DAY… the stars will align, a lunar eclipse will shadow the earth, and the alphabets in my cereal will read “WEINGRAD,” and one of my favorite teams will take me to the promised land. It has to happen.

Oh well. So anyway, I worked four straight days this week. So this is what it feels like to be a real human being. All I’ve pretty much done this week is work and exercise. It feels fantabulous.

What does it all mean? It means that I am due for a long weekend of debauchery. Tomorrow night should be interesting.

Oh… and don’t you just hate when people only respond to your instant messages simply by saying “lol?” For the love of god, think of something more creative to say! We know you didn’t actually laugh out loud!

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