She’s Out Of My League

Okay. Let’s face it. When we’re out in some type of social atmosphere, and there are plenty of guys and girls around, we’re all judging each other simply with a glance. To an extent, everybody is shallow. There’s no denying it. No guy ever looks at a girl and says “oh, that girl looks like she has a nice personality!” Unless maybe if she’s like juggling or something. But I don’t know anyone that actually would juggle at a bar. And it works both ways.

The first thing you notice about somebody is their appearance. You make the judgment as to whether you like based on how attractive you find them. If you think they’re attractive, then that’s when you pursue and find out more about them. But until then, physical characteristics are all that matter.

That is what makes the bar scene so tough. I hate trying to hit on random girls at bars, because, well I’m realistic, I know I’m not bad looking but I’m not great looking either, and yet… every girl is waiting for fucking Brad Pitt to come and approach them at a bar. Anything less than that is unacceptable. Get real.

Plus I have no game. My pickup lines are: “so… uhh… you drinking a beer?!” Shockingly, not as successful as you think.

But anyway, that’s all an aside to what my original point was. Like I was saying, we judge each other based on looks, and that’s when the “1-10 rating system scale” comes in. You all know it. The hottest of hot equal a 10, while people that resemble John “The Elephant Man” Merrick would be a 1. Or even a 0 in his case. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s convenient.

Whatever your rating is, you can only stretch within two points on the scale. This is more of the rule of thumb for guys. So if you’re a 5, when you’re on you’re a-game you can get a 7. An 8 is really pushing it and is not all that realistic.

This scale is the easiest way to get your point across. When you describe a girl to your buddies you can say “Dude I met this hot chick last night… she was a solid 9,” and immediately they know what you mean.

Honestly, I’m not really a huge fan. But If I were to use this rating system on myself….like I said, I’m realistic… on this scale I’d give myself a solid 6. The farthest you can stretch on this scale is two points; so that means on my best day I can aim for an 8. This scale normally just considers appearance, but I think there could be more to it. For example, I like to think that I have a good personality and that I am a fun guy. What this means is that once you get to know me and experience this, I become a 7.

My theory is that personality really only affects the rating for a guy. If a girl’s a 9, it doesn’t matter if she has a shitty personality as for as the scale. But a guy’s rating can be brought down with a shitty personality. And if you are below 5/10 in both appearance and personality, then you just suck as a person.

However, fuck the rating system. There’s a lot more that goes into evaluating somebody than using a number based on physical appearance. In my mind, I’m a goddamn 10. And I’m not trying to sound narcissistic, cocky or like a “player,” I just know that I am a decent person. If I’m not good looking enough for a girl, then fuck them. And if they’re shallow enough to dismiss immediately based on looks then I don’t want to be with them anyway.

Forget the scale, and forget “leagues”. If you put too much thought into that, then you’re not gonna get anywhere. If you meet a girl that’s “out of your league,” just be yourself and don’t put them on a pedestal. If they’re cool than they’ll appreciate that. You want somebody to like you for who you are, right? Otherwise, what’s the point?

Alright, I think I got my point across. The overall lesson: don’t smoke crack.

Oh and this blog was inspired by the movie “She’s Out Of My League,” hence the title. Great movie.

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