Whiskey Ramblings

I don’t know about you, but I think whiskey is delicious. I am sitting here right now, at 12:45 AM, on my bed, in my pajamas, sipping whiskey. Wow.

But it’s probably the only liquor I can drink straight up. Vodka makes me want to fucking gag. Same with tequila, but I prefer it to vodka. I actually don’t mind jagermeister, but something about the taste just bothers me. But I love a good jagerbomb.

Jack Daniels is a wonderful thing. Now I don’t normally drink liquor by myself on weeknights, but today I was just in the mood. And then when you pour one glass, it’s hard to stop yourself from pouring another. You know how it is.

So my birthday is officially one week away. I’ll be 23. Twenty-three! Jesus Christ. There’s no way I feel like I am 23. I have the maturity level of a 10 year old, the mindset of 7 year old, and the abilities of a 5 year old. Those don’t even combine to form 23!

I am in serious trouble.

I was excited to turn 21, but that’s probably the last time I’ll ever be excited for my birthday. It’s basically all downhill from here. Maybe if I live to be 100 then I’ll be excited, because that would be pretty cool. But I wouldn’t bet on that one.

Alright, I really don’t have much more to say. Except happy Passover. I’m jewish, and I don’t even know what Passover is celebrating. But I did eat matzo today, so… yeah.

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