Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend.

Most people look at this weekend and only couple things come to their mind:

“Three day weekend!”

“I get off from work!”

“I’m gonna get drunk at a BBQ!”

And while those things are all well and good, we forget the real reason why Memorial Day exists.

The holiday was instituted to honor all of the Americans that died while in the military service.

While you sit there in your cozy chair at your cozy job making your cozy salary, think about all those people that risked their lives to fight for their country so that every single one of us can be where we are today.

Times are a lot different now. Back in the days of World War I and World War II, if you were a capable man at the age of 18, it was a near guarantee that you were going to fight for your country. Because every single last individual was needed. We were not a superpower back then like we are now. Had we lost the war, you and I would be speaking German right now.

But now, it’s a rarity for people to join the military. At least it seems that way. With the major advancements made in artillery, manpower isn’t as much of a necessity. Also, we’re no longer fighting for our freedom. People just don’t seem as motivated to fight to “spread democracy’ to a county that hates us in the first place, and sits millions of miles away. And it’s hard to blame them.

But the fact of the matter is, there are millions of people that have entered the army knowing that they would likely not survive, but did it because they believed it was the right thing to do. Can you even imagine being in that situation right now? Of course you can’t.

So while you’re downing your cheeseburger or guzzling your bud light or laying in your comfortable bed in the early hours of the afternoon this weekend… just take a second, and be grateful to all those who came before us and sacrificed their lives so that one day… you would be able to do exactly what it is you are doing right now.

They succeeded.

Happy Memorial Day everybody!

Top 5 Hottest Chicks

I told y’all that Lee was gonna win! I fuckin told ya! The Weinblog never lies!!

Anyway, I was scrolling through my recent blogs lately, and while they’re all brilliant, I realized what was missing: pictures.

And specifically, pictures of hot chicks.

So, on that note, I will now reveal the official Weinblog© Top Five Hottest chicks List™.

DISCLAIMER: In no means does the views of this blog reflect the views of the general public (though it should), if any of these aforementioned girls I am about to name stumble upon this blog and would like to give me a call, just hit me up on facebook.

Now, this list is not to be confused with a top five ‘sexiest chicks” list. There’s a distinction; These are my personal favorites, meaning that they just happen to appeal to me more than others for a myriad of reasons. These are the celebrities that I want to take out to a nice seafood dinner and then cuddle with on the couch while watching the Devil Wears Prada with, and NOT the ones I want to take to a sleazy motel room and then kick of them out of bed when I’ve finished my business so that I can get a good night’s sleep since it’s freaking hard to get a quality slumber in a bed when a chick is lying directly next to you especially when the bed isn’t really a queen size bed yet not really meant for one person it’s just one of those beds that is kinda in-between so you do have just enough room to sleep but it’s just not quite big enough that it comfortably supports two people but not that’d id ever sleep with a fat chick or anything.

On another note, I’m anti-mainstream hot chicks. And what I mean by that is the more popular a girl becomes for her sex-appeal, the more it turns me off, a la the Megan fox’s and Jessica Alba’s of the world. It’s like when a good song hits the radio and becomes mainstream and overplayed and you get sick of it. The same thing happens to me with chicks.

So without, further ado, here is the official top five.

5) Scarlett Johansson

Now, this is the one exception to my rule I just stated, because she’s just too hot. She has an amazing body, and she’s also an extremely talented actress! Sure, she plays very similar roles in most of her movies… the easily-manipulated, seductive and stunningly hot chick that gets the raw deal in the relationship.(see: Match Point, Vicki Cristina Barcelona, He’s Just Not That Into You…. Actually, don’t see that last one…) But she is just flat out gorgeous.

4) Amy Adams

I’ve always been a sucker for redheads, and Amy Adams certainly fits the bill. And she is another talented actress that has been nominated for two Oscars in her short career. She just has that look to her that while she’s gorgeous, it’s not Hollywood gorgeous. It’s more like “the girl next door” kind of look. Plus I’ve seen her on talk-shows and she seems very down to earth. I truly hope I end up marrying someone that looks exactly like her.

3) Anne Hathaway

Now it’d be kind of ironic if I cuddled on the couch with Anne watching The Devil Wears Prada, but that’s neither here nor there. As you can see the trend, Anne is another very talented actress and I fell for her after her great performance in “Rachel Getting Married.” She made that movie. She’s also been in a lot of crap movies in her career, but she is another one that is stunningly beautiful. I’ve seen almost every movie she’s been in just so I can see her, including the Princess Diaries. And yes… I am ashamed to admit that.

2) Taylor Swift

Normally blonde is my third choice behind redheads and brunettes, but there are definitely exception, Taylor being one of them. She’s probably the most talented of the bunch. And if you saw her on SNL earlier this year, she seems to have an amazing sense of humor. She’s definitely the girl you wish you went to high school with and got to hang out with on a daily basis. Whatever Jonas Brother it was that broke up with her is the biggest fucking idiot in the world. I like listening to her music too because she has a hot voice that arouses me.

1)      Maria Sharapova

I’ve had a hardcore-crush on this woman for a good three years now. She has an absolutely insane body and I can’t help but drool every time I see her either on TV or on my computer or in a magazine or whatever. She won Wimbledon at the ripe age of 17, so yeah; she’s not just famous for her looks a la Anna Kournikova. She did the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue a few years ago and that just reaffirms my view that she has the body of a goddess. Oh and she has amazing legs which is always something I look for. Just thinking about her makes me want to write a love song so that I can serenade her. And fun fact: She was born just a mere thirteen days after me!

Alright, and that is my top five. As you can see, I like a girl that is not only beautiful, but talented. Because it means they actually earned their fame, and didn’t just have it handed to them because they’re hot. It makes me like them even more. And that’s why you’ll never see a porn-star on this list. Though they are certainly talented.

A Historic Day

Well everybody, we did it.

Blog #100.

Actually, fuck that. I did it. What the hell did you guys do?

Nah I’m just messing. I would like to dedicate this milestone work of bloggery to all of my loyal readers out there. Because without you, the Weinblog holds no weight. It would just be like every other hopeless blog out there. But not this one.

This one goes out to Adam, Melissa, Daniel, Gregg and anyone else that checks my blog on a daily basis. You are all my heroes.

So, it’s been a long six months or so since I started my blog. Let’s recap everything that has happened since that time, and why it was my blog that helped accomplish it.

1)      The calendar turned from 2009 to 2010. I’d like to say I had something to do with that. What else would be the point of our existence if my blog wasn’t out there for everyone to read? What would be the point of going onto a new year?

2)      Avatar broke the all-time record for box-office gross. Now this was undoubtedly my doing. After all the promoting that I have done on my blog for that movie, there’s no way it would have been half as successful had I not talked about it as much as I have.

3)      Some volcano in Iceland exploded. I’ll take the blame for this one. Since my blog started there had been too much goodness in the world that you knew something bad had to happen to compensate. That was Mother Nature’s way of telling me to take it easy and stop being so brilliant.

4)      Kesha took over the music scene with such hits as “Tik Tok” and “Your Love is My Drug.” Alright, I really had nothing to do with this, but it is a significant world event that had to be mentioned.

5)      Obama passed the new healthcare bill. Or at least congress did. I happen to know that barrack is a daily reader of my blog, and after seeing such eloquence that exists in this world in the form of my prose, he just knew that healthcare for all was a must.

6)      I’ve gotten very minimal action from the opposite gender, and somehow I think that and my blog are intertwined.

7)      I’ve added 20 pounds of muscle. OK, the last two are more on a personal note, but still noteworthy. And I embellished a little on one of them; I’ll let you guess which one.

8)      Facebook has gotten extraordinarily worse, people have become bigger morons, and Twitter is taking over the world. BUT, I am doing everything I can to counteract that. Hopefully through my written words people will see the light and stop being so fucking retarded.

I really don’t want any of the credit for those things. I know I what I did, I know I’m awesome, but I don’t need to constantly hear how I singlehandedly make the world a better place. It just gets redundant, and it’s unfair to all the nobodies out there that never get any credit (and deservingly so.)

For all you hopeful bloggers out there, I urge you to go for your dreams, and that one day you may become half as successful as me, and live the life that you always dreamed of. Just use me as your inspiration. I was a nobody like you once, but now I am the greatest of all time.


I Got 99 Problems But A Blog Ain’t One

Today is blog #99. Sure I’ve had some posts that only were a couple sentences, but I’ll still count them. Just one away from the big century mark – which will be tomorrow – and I have…

Absolutely nothing planned. But I’ll have 24 hours to think about it.

Speaking of 24… that was another show that ended today. Seriously, if you’re into shows with good action and clever plot twists, go out and rent the first season of 24 right now. One of the best seasons of any show in history. I remember I watched the pilot episode by accident because I just happened to have FOX on while I was doing my homework in my room back in 9th grade.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and then I kept watching it because this hot chick I had a few classes with was the only other girl I knew that watched it so we always used to talk about it together.

Ah, memories. But I got hooked quickly and watched every episode of that season, and it was fucking amazing from start to finish. Seasons two and three were good, and then it went downhill and I just stopped watching. I’m sure it was still watchable, but it’ll never touch how it was in the beginning, and certainly not how it was in season one.

Anyway, over the course of these 99 blogs I have had over 1600+ views. Who knows how many different people that accounts for, for all I know it could be five people that equate to 90% of those views, but at least I can pretend that 1600 different people have read my blog.

All I know is that this blog is not only the best thing to ever happen to me, but the best thing to happen to all of you. So you’re all welcome for that. How else would you rather spend those 39 seconds per day that it takes you to read my daily thoughts and bickering?

Oh and I’m ashamed to admit that I like that Katy Perry song “California Gurls.” It is very catchy. Although I don’t like Katy Perry herself. Fuckin bitch.

Lost May Be Over… But The Weinblog Still Goes Strong

I watched the first season of Lost back during my sophomore year of college, and I actually liked it. I enjoyed the characters on the show and thought it had a very intriguing premise. But then I just stopped.

I don’t really watch television shows anymore because it is too much of a commitment for me. If I owned a DVR than that might not always be the case, but I don’t. Even with Hulu and torrents available to catch on television shows, I still don’t even bother.

But I watched the Lost season finale anyway, because I just knew it was going to be a big deal and that everybody was going to talk about it. Even though I was basically in the dark about everything, I still enjoyed it. It even inspired me to want to watch the entire season over the summer.

I was kind of hoping for something ridiculous, like it would all be a dream. Then all of the die-hard fans would be pretty pissed. But from what I could tell it was a very emotional finale and loyal fans of the show probably had a hard time keeping themselves together during it.

Anyway, another solid weekend in the books. I learned two things:

a)      Rooftop bars in new York city are the shit. I felt like I was the Great Gatsby and I was upper class in this city looking down upon all the inferiors.

b)      For the Long Islanders, particularly in Nassau country, do not EVER go to the Crazy donkey in Farmingdale. Worst. Place. Ever.

Mets won the series against the Yankees. A series that consisted of no dropped pop-ups. That definitely brightens my day.

It’s freaking crazy that it’s been a full year since I’ve graduated. It’s lucky that I’ve actually been working a lot the past couple months, otherwise I literally would have felt like I accomplished absolutely nothing over the past twelve months.

Summer is upon us, and undoubtedly there is a lot of fun on the way. I’ve decided that this is going to be my summer of love. What exactly that means… I do not know.

My blog has just been renewed for a second season. So Lost may be over, but I ain’t going anywhere.

I’m Moving To Hollywood

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a new dream.

I used to love reading ever since I was a youngun, but over the past couple years my love of reading has transferred over to movies. I watch movies all the time.

It’s my dream to write a screenplay, and I’ve even written about three quarters of one, but put it on hiatus. The problem is that I have no motivation. No drive.

And most of all… no desperation.

People always do their best work when they’re back is against the wall. When they have absolutely nothing left. JK Rowling wrote her original draft of Harry Potter and napkins because she was too poor to even afford paper. And look at the bitch now!

Let’s face it, I’ve been a pampered little fuck my entire life. And I’m extremely fortunate for that and I am thankful for it every day that I am alive. I got really, really lucky… there’s no question about it.

But with that lifestyle that I’m accustomed to… it doesn’t really give me much ambition.

Thus, I have decided what I need to do. I need to move to Hollywood.

By doing this, it will force me to accomplish my dreams. I won’t have a goddamn choice. It’s either reach my goals, or perish. I will not accomplish anything in New York. So maybe I will try to write some more stuff, and then head out there in hopes of selling them.

I’d be like every other wide-eyed fool that moves to LA in hopes of hitting it big time. But at least I’d be a fool that went for his dreams.

Lee vs. Crystal

I’ve decided to be nicer on my blog today and stop attempting to single people out.

So, I’m sure most of you immediately knew what the title of this blog is referring to. I like to consider myself a casual American idol fan. I’ve followed the show every year except for last year (Tuesday nights was my beer-pong tournament night… plus we didn’t have cable for better parting of the year – fuckin landlord.)

I usually have a favorite contestant right from the get-go, but they never end up winning. In fact I usually always end up liking the runner up the best. Archuleta was my favorite two years ago, and Blake lewis was my fave the year before that. This year, I’m a big Lee Dewyze fan. He has a great voice and seems like a very humble fellow, so he’s a neasy guy to root for.

The finale HAD to be Crystal vs. Lee; they are easily the two best, and it makes for a great final showdown.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, even though I watch the show, I rarely ever vote. I think I may have voted a few times in season 2, but that was it. But I’m not gonna lie… I voted three times for Lee last night, just because I thought he was that good.

He performed “Hallelujah,” and the Jeff Buckley version of that song is probably one of the best songs ever recorded. If you haven’t heard it you need to get on that. But Lee did a tremendous job and performed his own version of the song, which could easily be a shit now. It made me cry (ok, not really.)

Crystal is fucking good too, but she’s just not as much a contemporary pop star as Lee. He fits the mold of the show better, and that is why he will win.

So yeah, I just blogged about American Idol. You can respond to this with a simple “fag.” And I won’t argue with you.

On an unrelated note, I love when I hit shuffle on my ipod and come across a song that, even though it has been on my ipod for a while, I’ve never listed to it… and then I like it. I’m an album guy, so if I like a band I’ll download their entire album rather than just the songs that I know by them. But I still won’t always listen to the whole thing.

Anyway, I came across the song “Stand Inside Your Love” and thought it was awesome. So my point is, shuffle your ipod’s every now and then… it’s good for you. You’ll hear some new songs for once, and ever good band has some gems that don’t ever become mainstream. My favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and my favorite songs by them are ones that never even touched the radio.

But the radio kills music anyway, everyone knows that. Once a song hits z100, I’ll be over it within a matter of days.

Oh and no whiskey tonight. My liver could use the break.