A Trip to our State’s Capital

After spending four years living a mere hour away from Albany, I somehow never found the time to make the trip there during my years at Binghamton.

However, this Saturday, I finally took the plunge and went up there with my buddy Dan (bro montana) to visit our friend Gregg and his girlfriend Lauren (shout outs!) Although it was the end of the year and most collegians have gone home, including some of their own friends, it was still a great time nonetheless. Albany is a very nice town; and much nicer than Binghamton (although that’s not saying much.)

Started out with a trip to Fuddruckers – a place I haven’t been to since I was about ten – and it was certainly delicious. After that the heavy drinking commenced which consisted of consuming alcohol while watching The Heartbreak Kid (very underrated movie) and then winning three out of four games of beerpong.

Then some Albany bars… first to a place called Abbot’s tavern (Abbs tavs) which was almost completely empty. It’s a place that – when school is ensuing – gets crowded to the point that you can’t move, so everybody found the emptiness amusing. I really didn’t mind… I love going to bars and taking them over. And 4 shots and 4 beers for 12 bucks? Sign me up.

The next bar we went to was a lot bigger and more packed, so it was quite the reversal. I really don’t remember many specific details of anything that occurred while at that bar, because I had many drinks in me at that point. But I absolutely remember having a good time.

Now, as you all know, drinking alcohol makes me very, very hungry. I absolutely devour food when I am wasted, and Saturday was no different. In the past, I had always heard all my Albany friends talk about a place called “D.P Dough.” I knew that I must have it at the end of the night, even though Gregg and Lauren told me that there was better options across the street. But I had my mind set on D.P. Dough.

What they make there is calzones. And honestly, I’m fairly certain that I’ve never even had a calzone in my life. But I think I may have found my absolute favorite drunk-meal of all time. It was absolutely fucking delicious. I had a buffalo chicken and mozzarella calzone. I have no idea how good that place would be if I was sober, but I don’t care. And I’ll probably never find out.

And that was pretty much the night. Good times with good people. It’s my new motto.

Solid weekend considering Friday was fun too. I was at a house party, and not even kidding, there was about 20 different girls there, and every single one of them was attractive. It was extraordinary. Of course my friends and I pussied out and barely talked to them, but once I had several beers in me and Jason Derulo started pumping from the speakers, I found my courage and did my thing. Normally I don’t remember what I talk about with girls, but this time I remember talking about Taylor Swift.

Ah, what a stimulating life I live. I’m sure all of you were checking my blog every minute today looking for my normal Sunday-night “weekend recap” so that you could hear about my misadventures. Now it’s time for the rest of my Sunday night routine of watching a movie. I’ve been really into old movies lately… nothing after 1960. Black and white is the way to go.

And wow, I literally just realized this second that Microsoft word shows the word count of your entries at the bottom left of the screen. For my articles I’m limited to about 600 words, and I always checked the word count by clicking the “review” tab at the top of the screen. I totally could have saved 2 seconds a  day by knowing  this information sooner. GOD DAMMIT.

Seacrest, OUT

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