A Word of Advice

If I take the time to text you on my cell phone…

And by that, I mean that  I thought of you during the course of my day, thought of a very specific message that I wanted to relay to you, went over to my cellular device, picked it up and then carefully picked each letter to properly write it out, then hit the send button and anxiously awaited your response…

… you better fucking text me back.

And I am dead serious. I joke around a lot with things that bother me, but this is beyond a simple pet peeve of mine.

This is what I think when somebody doesn’t respond to a text message that I sent them. They hear the ring, the buzz, or whatever the fuck their phone does when they receive a text message, they see who it’s from, they probably think in their head “what the hell does this kid want??” and then they read the message, and think in their head again: “Not important enough to respond.”

Fuck. You.

And don’t tell me not to take it personally, because it’s the most personal thing in the world me. You don’t treat people like they don’t exist, that is not the decent thing to do.

It’s just not how you treat other people. It’s a shitty habit. OK, so maybe you’re in a bad mood… but does that suddenly give you the right to treat people as if they’re nothing.

Acknowledgement. It goes a long way. I know it sounds mundane, but it means something to me. And I’m sure most – if not all – of you feel the same way. Being ignored is not fucking fun.

Some people just live in their own goddamn little world, and think that they could just blow other people off whenever the hell they want and that’s it not a big deal. That they’re even good at it. Well, I’ll tell you something, one day that mentality is gonna come back to haunt you in a big way.

And when that happens, when you’re the one craving sympathy from others… suddenly you’ll be the one that’s not being acknowledged. And guess what? You brought it on yourself.

Shit… writing this blog drives me to the bottle.

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