Lee vs. Crystal

I’ve decided to be nicer on my blog today and stop attempting to single people out.

So, I’m sure most of you immediately knew what the title of this blog is referring to. I like to consider myself a casual American idol fan. I’ve followed the show every year except for last year (Tuesday nights was my beer-pong tournament night… plus we didn’t have cable for better parting of the year – fuckin landlord.)

I usually have a favorite contestant right from the get-go, but they never end up winning. In fact I usually always end up liking the runner up the best. Archuleta was my favorite two years ago, and Blake lewis was my fave the year before that. This year, I’m a big Lee Dewyze fan. He has a great voice and seems like a very humble fellow, so he’s a neasy guy to root for.

The finale HAD to be Crystal vs. Lee; they are easily the two best, and it makes for a great final showdown.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, even though I watch the show, I rarely ever vote. I think I may have voted a few times in season 2, but that was it. But I’m not gonna lie… I voted three times for Lee last night, just because I thought he was that good.

He performed “Hallelujah,” and the Jeff Buckley version of that song is probably one of the best songs ever recorded. If you haven’t heard it you need to get on that. But Lee did a tremendous job and performed his own version of the song, which could easily be a shit now. It made me cry (ok, not really.)

Crystal is fucking good too, but she’s just not as much a contemporary pop star as Lee. He fits the mold of the show better, and that is why he will win.

So yeah, I just blogged about American Idol. You can respond to this with a simple “fag.” And I won’t argue with you.

On an unrelated note, I love when I hit shuffle on my ipod and come across a song that, even though it has been on my ipod for a while, I’ve never listed to it… and then I like it. I’m an album guy, so if I like a band I’ll download their entire album rather than just the songs that I know by them. But I still won’t always listen to the whole thing.

Anyway, I came across the song “Stand Inside Your Love” and thought it was awesome. So my point is, shuffle your ipod’s every now and then… it’s good for you. You’ll hear some new songs for once, and ever good band has some gems that don’t ever become mainstream. My favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and my favorite songs by them are ones that never even touched the radio.

But the radio kills music anyway, everyone knows that. Once a song hits z100, I’ll be over it within a matter of days.

Oh and no whiskey tonight. My liver could use the break.


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