I’m Moving To Hollywood

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a new dream.

I used to love reading ever since I was a youngun, but over the past couple years my love of reading has transferred over to movies. I watch movies all the time.

It’s my dream to write a screenplay, and I’ve even written about three quarters of one, but put it on hiatus. The problem is that I have no motivation. No drive.

And most of all… no desperation.

People always do their best work when they’re back is against the wall. When they have absolutely nothing left. JK Rowling wrote her original draft of Harry Potter and napkins because she was too poor to even afford paper. And look at the bitch now!

Let’s face it, I’ve been a pampered little fuck my entire life. And I’m extremely fortunate for that and I am thankful for it every day that I am alive. I got really, really lucky… there’s no question about it.

But with that lifestyle that I’m accustomed to… it doesn’t really give me much ambition.

Thus, I have decided what I need to do. I need to move to Hollywood.

By doing this, it will force me to accomplish my dreams. I won’t have a goddamn choice. It’s either reach my goals, or perish. I will not accomplish anything in New York. So maybe I will try to write some more stuff, and then head out there in hopes of selling them.

I’d be like every other wide-eyed fool that moves to LA in hopes of hitting it big time. But at least I’d be a fool that went for his dreams.


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