I Got 99 Problems But A Blog Ain’t One

Today is blog #99. Sure I’ve had some posts that only were a couple sentences, but I’ll still count them. Just one away from the big century mark – which will be tomorrow – and I have…

Absolutely nothing planned. But I’ll have 24 hours to think about it.

Speaking of 24… that was another show that ended today. Seriously, if you’re into shows with good action and clever plot twists, go out and rent the first season of 24 right now. One of the best seasons of any show in history. I remember I watched the pilot episode by accident because I just happened to have FOX on while I was doing my homework in my room back in 9th grade.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and then I kept watching it because this hot chick I had a few classes with was the only other girl I knew that watched it so we always used to talk about it together.

Ah, memories. But I got hooked quickly and watched every episode of that season, and it was fucking amazing from start to finish. Seasons two and three were good, and then it went downhill and I just stopped watching. I’m sure it was still watchable, but it’ll never touch how it was in the beginning, and certainly not how it was in season one.

Anyway, over the course of these 99 blogs I have had over 1600+ views. Who knows how many different people that accounts for, for all I know it could be five people that equate to 90% of those views, but at least I can pretend that 1600 different people have read my blog.

All I know is that this blog is not only the best thing to ever happen to me, but the best thing to happen to all of you. So you’re all welcome for that. How else would you rather spend those 39 seconds per day that it takes you to read my daily thoughts and bickering?

Oh and I’m ashamed to admit that I like that Katy Perry song “California Gurls.” It is very catchy. Although I don’t like Katy Perry herself. Fuckin bitch.


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