Lost May Be Over… But The Weinblog Still Goes Strong

I watched the first season of Lost back during my sophomore year of college, and I actually liked it. I enjoyed the characters on the show and thought it had a very intriguing premise. But then I just stopped.

I don’t really watch television shows anymore because it is too much of a commitment for me. If I owned a DVR than that might not always be the case, but I don’t. Even with Hulu and torrents available to catch on television shows, I still don’t even bother.

But I watched the Lost season finale anyway, because I just knew it was going to be a big deal and that everybody was going to talk about it. Even though I was basically in the dark about everything, I still enjoyed it. It even inspired me to want to watch the entire season over the summer.

I was kind of hoping for something ridiculous, like it would all be a dream. Then all of the die-hard fans would be pretty pissed. But from what I could tell it was a very emotional finale and loyal fans of the show probably had a hard time keeping themselves together during it.

Anyway, another solid weekend in the books. I learned two things:

a)      Rooftop bars in new York city are the shit. I felt like I was the Great Gatsby and I was upper class in this city looking down upon all the inferiors.

b)      For the Long Islanders, particularly in Nassau country, do not EVER go to the Crazy donkey in Farmingdale. Worst. Place. Ever.

Mets won the series against the Yankees. A series that consisted of no dropped pop-ups. That definitely brightens my day.

It’s freaking crazy that it’s been a full year since I’ve graduated. It’s lucky that I’ve actually been working a lot the past couple months, otherwise I literally would have felt like I accomplished absolutely nothing over the past twelve months.

Summer is upon us, and undoubtedly there is a lot of fun on the way. I’ve decided that this is going to be my summer of love. What exactly that means… I do not know.

My blog has just been renewed for a second season. So Lost may be over, but I ain’t going anywhere.


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