Top 5 Hottest Chicks

I told y’all that Lee was gonna win! I fuckin told ya! The Weinblog never lies!!

Anyway, I was scrolling through my recent blogs lately, and while they’re all brilliant, I realized what was missing: pictures.

And specifically, pictures of hot chicks.

So, on that note, I will now reveal the official Weinblog© Top Five Hottest chicks List™.

DISCLAIMER: In no means does the views of this blog reflect the views of the general public (though it should), if any of these aforementioned girls I am about to name stumble upon this blog and would like to give me a call, just hit me up on facebook.

Now, this list is not to be confused with a top five ‘sexiest chicks” list. There’s a distinction; These are my personal favorites, meaning that they just happen to appeal to me more than others for a myriad of reasons. These are the celebrities that I want to take out to a nice seafood dinner and then cuddle with on the couch while watching the Devil Wears Prada with, and NOT the ones I want to take to a sleazy motel room and then kick of them out of bed when I’ve finished my business so that I can get a good night’s sleep since it’s freaking hard to get a quality slumber in a bed when a chick is lying directly next to you especially when the bed isn’t really a queen size bed yet not really meant for one person it’s just one of those beds that is kinda in-between so you do have just enough room to sleep but it’s just not quite big enough that it comfortably supports two people but not that’d id ever sleep with a fat chick or anything.

On another note, I’m anti-mainstream hot chicks. And what I mean by that is the more popular a girl becomes for her sex-appeal, the more it turns me off, a la the Megan fox’s and Jessica Alba’s of the world. It’s like when a good song hits the radio and becomes mainstream and overplayed and you get sick of it. The same thing happens to me with chicks.

So without, further ado, here is the official top five.

5) Scarlett Johansson

Now, this is the one exception to my rule I just stated, because she’s just too hot. She has an amazing body, and she’s also an extremely talented actress! Sure, she plays very similar roles in most of her movies… the easily-manipulated, seductive and stunningly hot chick that gets the raw deal in the relationship.(see: Match Point, Vicki Cristina Barcelona, He’s Just Not That Into You…. Actually, don’t see that last one…) But she is just flat out gorgeous.

4) Amy Adams

I’ve always been a sucker for redheads, and Amy Adams certainly fits the bill. And she is another talented actress that has been nominated for two Oscars in her short career. She just has that look to her that while she’s gorgeous, it’s not Hollywood gorgeous. It’s more like “the girl next door” kind of look. Plus I’ve seen her on talk-shows and she seems very down to earth. I truly hope I end up marrying someone that looks exactly like her.

3) Anne Hathaway

Now it’d be kind of ironic if I cuddled on the couch with Anne watching The Devil Wears Prada, but that’s neither here nor there. As you can see the trend, Anne is another very talented actress and I fell for her after her great performance in “Rachel Getting Married.” She made that movie. She’s also been in a lot of crap movies in her career, but she is another one that is stunningly beautiful. I’ve seen almost every movie she’s been in just so I can see her, including the Princess Diaries. And yes… I am ashamed to admit that.

2) Taylor Swift

Normally blonde is my third choice behind redheads and brunettes, but there are definitely exception, Taylor being one of them. She’s probably the most talented of the bunch. And if you saw her on SNL earlier this year, she seems to have an amazing sense of humor. She’s definitely the girl you wish you went to high school with and got to hang out with on a daily basis. Whatever Jonas Brother it was that broke up with her is the biggest fucking idiot in the world. I like listening to her music too because she has a hot voice that arouses me.

1)      Maria Sharapova

I’ve had a hardcore-crush on this woman for a good three years now. She has an absolutely insane body and I can’t help but drool every time I see her either on TV or on my computer or in a magazine or whatever. She won Wimbledon at the ripe age of 17, so yeah; she’s not just famous for her looks a la Anna Kournikova. She did the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue a few years ago and that just reaffirms my view that she has the body of a goddess. Oh and she has amazing legs which is always something I look for. Just thinking about her makes me want to write a love song so that I can serenade her. And fun fact: She was born just a mere thirteen days after me!

Alright, and that is my top five. As you can see, I like a girl that is not only beautiful, but talented. Because it means they actually earned their fame, and didn’t just have it handed to them because they’re hot. It makes me like them even more. And that’s why you’ll never see a porn-star on this list. Though they are certainly talented.

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