Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend.

Most people look at this weekend and only couple things come to their mind:

“Three day weekend!”

“I get off from work!”

“I’m gonna get drunk at a BBQ!”

And while those things are all well and good, we forget the real reason why Memorial Day exists.

The holiday was instituted to honor all of the Americans that died while in the military service.

While you sit there in your cozy chair at your cozy job making your cozy salary, think about all those people that risked their lives to fight for their country so that every single one of us can be where we are today.

Times are a lot different now. Back in the days of World War I and World War II, if you were a capable man at the age of 18, it was a near guarantee that you were going to fight for your country. Because every single last individual was needed. We were not a superpower back then like we are now. Had we lost the war, you and I would be speaking German right now.

But now, it’s a rarity for people to join the military. At least it seems that way. With the major advancements made in artillery, manpower isn’t as much of a necessity. Also, we’re no longer fighting for our freedom. People just don’t seem as motivated to fight to “spread democracy’ to a county that hates us in the first place, and sits millions of miles away. And it’s hard to blame them.

But the fact of the matter is, there are millions of people that have entered the army knowing that they would likely not survive, but did it because they believed it was the right thing to do. Can you even imagine being in that situation right now? Of course you can’t.

So while you’re downing your cheeseburger or guzzling your bud light or laying in your comfortable bed in the early hours of the afternoon this weekend… just take a second, and be grateful to all those who came before us and sacrificed their lives so that one day… you would be able to do exactly what it is you are doing right now.

They succeeded.

Happy Memorial Day everybody!

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