Holy bejeesus.

*no spoilers are in this post*

So I saw Inception last night. I don’t think I’ve ever stepped into a theater before knowing so little about the film I was about to see. And I prefer it that way, it seems like nowadays I know exactly what to expect even before I see a movie. Kind of takes the fun out of it.

Initially, I assumed that so little plot details had been leaked because they just worked really hard to keep it a secret. But, nuh-uh, that wasn’t the case.

The reason nobody bothers discussing the plot (whether in commercials, interviews, etc.) is because even if you tried to describe it, there’s no chance in hell you would even begin to comprehend it. It’s one of those things that you need to see with your own eyes to understand. And even then you probably won’t.

When I walked into the movie, my theater was full of teenagers. About 100 of them. My first thought was ‘oh, shit… they’re gonna hate this and movie and talk throughout.” Shockingly, from the moment the movie began, you can tell that everyone was captivated. They were sucked in. And so was I.

Then two and a half hours later, when the credits finally rolled… it was pretty obvious that the reaction of every single person in the theater was: “Holy. Shit.”

The movie is – for a lack of better words – a mindfuck. But in the best possible way. I’m not even going to begin to give a general synopsis, because there’s no point of doing so. All you need to know is that the majority of the film takes place within dreams.

The best part about the movie is the after-effects. You will think about it for days just trying to wrap your head around what you just saw. And that’s great, because there’s so many movies that you see one time and you forget about them an hour later. Inception is not one of them. After one viewing, you’ll need to see it a second time. And probably a third. And even then you still might not fully understand everything.

The other best part about the film is that while the movie is literally a journey within the mind, Christopher Nolan (the writer/director) challenges the viewer to take a journey within their own mind while they watch it.

If you’re one of those folks that hates thinking for themselves, and doesn’t like intricate plots, than you should probably skip this one. Because it’s as intricate as it gets.

Oh, and don’t even dare getting up to go to the bathroom during the movie. DON’T EVEN DARE. Because if you miss just a single minute of the movie, you will miss a lot. Seriously.

There’s really nothing about this movie that wasn’t awesome. I recommend that you all go see it ASAP.

In the meantime, I’m gonna sit here and play tic tac toe with myself. I always win.

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