An Existential Weinblog

Alright so it’s now been four days, and I think I understand the plot of Inception by now.

One of the primary themes of Inception is the idea of reality vs. dreams. It makes you think: what if we’re all in a dream and we just don’t know it?

Think about it… dream time always takes much longer than normal time, right? It’s like when you wake up and realize it’s still too early to get out of bed (in my case, that would be like waking up and seeing that it’s only 11:30), and you fall straight back to sleep.

Since it’s the latter part of you slumber, you won’t go through your entire sleep cycle. Thus, you are more likely to remember your dream. You wake up and you feel like you just had an epic, long elaborate dream that spanned hours, when in reality, you were asleep for only 20 minutes.

What if the life you thought you’ve been living is really a dream? What if none of this is real, and you are actually just in a prolonged sleep state?

What if this blog is really a dream and I am invading your mind and instilling all of these thoughts and ideas within your subconscious so that when you wake up – though you’ll have no recollection of the Weinblog’s existence – all of the things I am saying will still be ingrained in your psyche and thus you will begin to sincerely believe every single little thing that I am saying as I attempt to build an enormous Weingrad army united under one common cause as we begin the process of taking over the world?!?!?!

And no, contrary to what you might all be thinking right now… I am not currently on acid. Or any other psychadelic drug for that matter.

Although, I’m not gonna lie, I’m still kinda hazy from this past weekend. Starting with seeing Inception (did I mention to you all yet that I saw that movie?) at midnight on Thursday, this weekend was fantastic. From the span of Friday night at about 9pm up til Sunday at 9pm, I honestly think I was drunk for at least 34 of those 48 hours.

After a birthday BBQ on Saturday, I participated in a Beer Olympics On Sunday, and wow… it was fun. If any of you have never played “dizzy bat” before… go do it right now. I don’t care what you are currently doing, drop everything, grab a wiffleball bat, fill it with beer, chug it, and then spin around 15 times. It’s surreal. It’s almost like an out-of-body experience.

Normally, saying that you were drunk for 34 of 48 hours isn’t something that one normally brags about, but hey… I start work in a week, so I could do whatever the hell I damn well please until then.

You know what tastes good? Peanut butter.

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