I don’t know about you guys, but there are very few things I hate more in this world than traffic. I loathe it. I detest it. I abhor it.

I’m usually a very mild-mannered fellow, but I get very bad road rage when I am driving. However, I don’t really ever do anything about it. I rarely honk the horn; I don’t make any gestures, or even make eye contact. The only thing I really do is either yell really loudly knowing that nobody can hear me, or I’ll slam the steering wheel with my hands.

Why must there always be traffic? Either some douche got into an accident and is blocking a lane, or some douches are performing construction and are blocking out another lane. Whenever I’m in a traffic jam because of construction, I’m always tempted to stick my hand out the window and give the finger to all the construction workers as I pass them for holding me up so long.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic for so long that you find yourself thinking: “Man, there better be a goddamn seven-car pileup or something for the traffic to be this bad”?

And then, sure enough, half an hour later you drive by an accident that features several damaged cars, and you’re like “Oh…. yeah…. That’s a seven-car pileup, alright. Muh bad.”

Bottom line is… we need more traffic lanes. There are too many people in this world, and three or four lanes are NOT going to cut it.

This is what the roads look like now:

Now this is what they SHOULD look like:

BAM! Problem solved. Screw this whole writing thing, I think I should become a city planner. I have plenty of other ideas. Like I think there should be walkways in cities from building to building. For example:

How cool would that be? Plus it would create a lot of walking space.

I cannot to wait to design this city. I will call it “Weingradia.”

But yeah, traffic sucks. The reason I bring it up is because of this:

Can you imagine beiing stuck in  a NINE DAY traffic jam?! Alright, so, you wouldn’t actually be stuck in it for nine days since you have to get to your destination point eventually and get off the road… but a traffic jam for 60+ miles has got to take at least a day to get through. Bumper to bumper traffic for five miles could take a up to a couple hours alone!

And of course, of all places for this to happen, it’s in China. The Weinblog™ is never one to stereotype, but the old typecast on asians is that they are bad drivers. This does not help.

The only funnier place for this to occur would be a country where only women lived.

I wish I lived in that country.

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