Interesting Way to Start the Year…

Well folks, it is a new year.

2011 is officially upon us. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to blog yesterday on 1/1/11. Had I did blog, I probably would have… ended up saying exactly what I’m going to say today. Which certainly will be nothing intelligent.

As I said in my previous entry, I spent my New Years in Atlantic City. I had a wonderful time. Good times and good drinks with good people. That’s all you need to know. Didn’t lose too much money. And I’m still alive. So, all in all, it was great. But enough about me.

No, actually, let’s stay on me.

Something extremely fascinating and frightening happened to me last night. While at a friend’s house, I suddenly realized that my right middle finger had a cut on it. initially, it looked harmless, but upon closer inspection, I realized that the red mark that I assumed was blood  was inside of my finger. In addition, there was yellow surrounding the cut.

I was immediately concerned. The concern turned into panic when I noticed that the yellow was spreading right before my eyes throughout my entire finger. I watched as it spread from the fingertip towards the knuckle, and fortunately, it stopped there.

However, it was still extremely disconcerting as nearly my entire finger had turned a bright shade of yellow. My finger looked like it belonged to Bart Simpson.

It has been 24 hours since, and the discoloring has subsided, which is a huge relief.

In conclusion, it seemed that my finger was bleeding internally. It was simply just bruised. But, It was very odd for several reasons. For one, I have no recollection of injuring my finger at any point in recent memory. I have no prior history of vascular problems. Also, I experienced no pain during this entire ordeal. My finger felt completely normal, despite the discoloring. It was a very bizarre situation.

There probably aren’t many people who are interested to know what my finger actually looked like. But just in case there is one person out there, you are in luck! I have a photograph:


As I already said, my finger is completely back to normal now. However, it was still very concerning and not exactly the way you want to start the new year. Although I did see the movie “The Fighter” after this occurred yesterday, and that was great. I highly recommend you see it.

Perhaps I gave somebody the middle finger one time and they did not appreciate it, and in result, uttered a curse wishing ill health upon my finger. It is definitely a possibility. That brings the possible diagnosis list to:

1) bruising as a result of blunt-forced trauma

2) popped blood vessel

3) spider bite

4) adverse reaction to medication

5) witchcraft

All very possible and realistic scenarios.

Fortunately, when it’s all said and done, it looks like I’ll be okay. It would be quite difficult to continue this blog with a missing finger. Or if I’m dead. So I will try my best to not let those things happen.

And with that, the holidays are officially over. It’s a little depressing, as the winter holidays are arguably my favorite time of the year. However, I feel like I spent my time well this holiday season. Now, we can all look forward to the prospect of a new year, and the fresh opportunities that will come with it. Who knows what 2011 has in store for us?

Oh yeah, I just remembered something. While in A.C, I think I discovered the best pick-up line ever. While passing two attractive girls in the hallway, I said aloud, “wanna fuck?” (at the time I thought I said it low enough so they couldn’t actually hear…) However, one of the girls immediately responded, “Yup.”

I was caught so off guard considering that: a) I didn’t think she heard me, and b) even if I did think she heard, the last answer I expected to hear was yes.

Consequently, I continued my stroll and didn’t pursue.


The girl was probably joking, but in the slight chance that she wasn’t, it would’ve been the least effort I ever put forth towards picking up a girl, and it would have been the greatest story of all time. However, good may still come out of it, as I may have had a breakthrough when it comes to the art of courting women.

One can only hope that all women respond the same way.

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