Believe it or not, but there are actually other countries in the world besides the United States. I know, it came as a shock to me too!

In Egypt, there is some pretty crazy shit going on right now. The citizens have revolted against the current president, have overthrown the government, and have begun a revolution.

A revolution.

The only things we actually know about revolutions are what we learned about them in history class in high school. Or if you’ve listened to the song “Revolution” by the Beatles (great song.) or if you’ve watched the movie “Revolutionary Road” starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio (quality movie.)

Many countries — if not most — have had a revolution. It’s basically how countries are formed in the first place. Even our own country had one. But when do we actually get to see them? I would think this is a pretty rare, once-in-a-lifetime-type occurrence. It’s one thing to have a rebel group start shit, but to have an entire country successfully overthrow a government, that is pretty spectacular.

Now I am not going to sit here and pretend that I know a lot about it. But I’ve read a little, and watched a little on the news, and the basic gist that I got is the people were fed up with their current government led by president Hosni Mubarek, and, inspired by the Tunisian uprising that began last month (which actually resulted in the Tunisian president fleeing the country), they began protesting. The Egyptians are seeking more of a democratic-type government, where the people can have more say.

Alright, now I’ve filled you in with the “Egyptian uprising for dummies.” Like I said before, I watched a little bit of it on the news yesterday, and it’s pretty crazy. Technically, there really is no government in Egypt right now. The news crew was driving on the main highway towards Cairo, and every couple of miles they would be stopped by a group of protesters, who would check to make sure they aren’t government workers.

It’s like when you quit your job, and you’re looking for a new job, but in the meantime you’re not currently working anywhere, so you say to other people that you are currently “between jobs” since it sounds much better. Well, right now, Egypt is currently “between governments.”

The New York Times has a bunch of pictures of it on their website.

Today, the Egyptian Army said they will not open fire on protesters who are against the president, which pretty much means the protesters are winning.

Okay, so now that you are officially aware of what is going on in Egypt, you can partake in water-cooler talk when one of your co-workers brings up the topic, and impress them with your knowledge. I would advise you, however, that then when they ask what your source is, to respond by saying you heard it on the news, and not on the Weinblog. If you wanted to maintain any semblance of credibility, that is.

I know the news can be boring, and no one cares about what’s happening outside of their own lives and the people’s lives on the Jersey Shore, but sometimes things occur in the world that are a little bigger than Snooki or Pauly D. Sometimes.

Hey, maybe we can send the people from the Jersey Shore to Egypt to run the new government! That would pretty much solve everything, because a) It would get them fuck out of the U.S., and b) They’d probably be assassinated within minutes. How is this not a good idea? Everybody wins.

They’re going to Italy next season anyway, right? Just send them to Egypt instead. They probably won’t even know the difference.

Personally, I think Egypt should abandon the whole notion of having a president, and go back to having pharaohs, like they did in the ancient days. There aren’t enough pharaohs in this world anymore.

Also, I just like saying the word pharaoh.

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