There’s a Thin Line Between Casual Flirting and Sexual Harassment

Not that I’ve actually had an issue with this (yet), but this is something that crosses my mind recently.

You hear stories in the news about sexual harassment in the workplace where somebody gets fired, and it always makes you think that the guy (who of course is always the one at fault) did something ridiculous, like expose his penis or grab a coworker’s tits or something.

And maybe that is the case. In fact, it probably is many of the times. However, I can see how other things can be misconstrued as sexual harassment also. Like giving a friendly hug. Or making a harmless comment.

I’m a dude. I like girls. I like to flirt with them. Especially when they’re hot. It’s normal. Whenever a guy meets a girl, unless one of them is extremely unattractive, there is automatically sexual tension.

I never take it too far and I never cross a line. I know when girls enjoy it, and I know when they don’t. I would never continue if a girl was clearly annoyed by it. That’s just creepy.

However, the problem isn’t always how it’s interpreted by the female, but by an outside observer. That’s where you have to be careful. So I advise everybody: if you like to flirt with girls in the office, be careful. Make sure the girl is into it, make sure the boss isn’t around, and use common sense. Also, don’t come on too strong. Remember, you see them every day; it’s a marathon. not a sprint.

The best way to flirt? Make them laugh. If they’re laughing, they’re happy. People like being happy. Especially at work.

I bring this up because the workplace can be a double-edged sword. It’s “frowned upon” by most — if not all — companies to have inter-work relationships, and, yet, it’s arguably the best place to seek potential romances. You see these people every day, which, conversely, could also make for extremely awkward situations if it doesn’t work out, and you get to know them pretty well. What other situations do you find yourself interacting with females so frequently?

Whenever a new person is hired, the first question anybody asks is: “Is he/she hot?” There’s a reason for that. It’s human instinct.

Hmm, if I started masturbating before I write my blogs, I wonder if I would talk about girls as much as I do? Too much information? I thought so too.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day in Long Island today. I was able to run outside three days this week! And it’s supposed to get nicer too! Should be a very enjoyable weekend weatherwise for once. It was only in the high 40s today, I think, but it felt like 60. And tomorrow it’s going to be in the upper 50s! WOO-HOO!

High five! (realizes nobody’s there and awkwardly lowers his hand to scratch his head as if that’s what he intended to do all along)

Alright everyone, have an excellent weekend, be safe, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. AND I DO SOME PRETTY CRAZY SHIT.

But, before I go, I want to show you all something awesome. Now I don’t play video games anymore, haven’t for a while, but there is a SICK trailer that was created for this zombie game called “Dead Island.” It’s honestly the best trailer for anything that I have ever seen, including movies and TV shows. In fact, this three-minute trailer may even be better than most full-length movies and TV shows.

Trust me… check it out. It’s absolutely haunting.


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