Consider yourself privileged… because I am about to enlighten you. I will do so by informing you what the most overused word in a girl’s vocabulary is:


And I’ll tell you why. Because I have nothing better to do right now.

Guys talk like guys. It’s just how we roll. If girls are in the vicinity, then maybe we’ll tone it down a little bit, but, if they do happen to overhear… so be it. Anyway, every now and then — or rather, all the time — we’ll make a comment, usually one involving women. For example, somebody will be talking about a girl that they just met. The conversation will inevitably lead to Facebook. The person will say, “Oh yeah, I’ve already looked at her Facebook pictures.” That’s perfectly normal behavior. Everybody does it, whether they admit it or not.

However, the girl, who isn’t directly involved in the conversation, but happened to be standing there, will remark: “Creepy.”

it’s because they have to pretend that they are above it all. They have to pretend that they don’t condone this type of behavior, and that it is only men who do it. And I use the word ‘pretend,’ because we all know that girls do the same thing.

it’s the same thing when a fairly inappropriate comment is made. Regardless of how funny it is, girls have to pretend they didn’t find it funny and subsequently say, you guessed it, “Creepy.”

It’s all a cover. They don’t want to admit that they agree with you, or that they find your joke funny, so they judge.

Which brings me to the second most overused word in a girl’s vocabulary:


This one usually solely applies to when guys make inappropriate — sometimes sexual — jokes or comments, or when we discuss our misadventures from the previous weekend.

Girls find my sense of humor just as funny as guys, if not more, and I know that. I don’t usually bother to contradict them when I acknowledge this behavior, but it always amuses me.

And the third way a girl responds to “normal guy behavior,” other than those two words, is by a simple roll of the eyes. This is equally as — if not more — annoying. It reeks of feigned superiority.

I didn’t write this a particular blog with the intention of sounding misogynistic, even though I’m sure I did, but just because I notice these kinds of behaviors, and particularly on the opposite sex. Call me a modern age Sigmund Freud, if you will. Or don’t. Actually, definitely don’t. That’s weird.

It’s simply just another thing to add to the list. The list that never ends. The list that keeps me single.

Anyway, I’m excited because tomorrow I am going to Caroline’s Comedy Night Club in New York City to watch Louis C.K. If you don’t know who this comedian is… well you do know. You just don’t know him by name. He is on the top of his game right now, and is currently the funniest comedian in the world. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. He uses self-deprecating humor, which, let’s face it, is the best. It will be awesome. I’m going to start cracking up the moment he steps on stage.

If you’ve never seen his stuff… go to Youtube now. In fact, I’ll post one of his funnier bits. The guy is a genius.


Plus the show ends at 10:00 which means hittin’ up New Yawk Citayyy after yooooo.

That sounded pretty gay.

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