I am on a Drug, It’s Called Charlie Sheen

Alright I finally gave in and watched the Charlie Sheen interview. Everybody was talking about it, so I figured I had to see what all the fuss is about. I was reluctant to watch it, because I don’t like watching people completely embarrass themselves in front of millions of people. I can’t help but feel bad for them. Even though they may not realize it at the time, they are shaming themselves. And if they don’t realize it, then their family and friends do, and it’s them I feel bad for.

Anyway, I watched it. It was basically what I expected.Charlie Sheen is crazy. And I don’t just mean eccentric. He’s craaaaazy. I was expecting some kind of whacked-out loony bin version of Charlie Sheen, but what I actually saw was worse.

He was calm and collected. He was functioning. He was using his brain. Which means he was actually thinking about the words he was saying, and in his head, they made sense.

He may be off drugs at the moment — like he said he is — but they clearly did permanent damage to his brain.

He said that drugs can’t kill him because he has “tiger blood.”

In response to being asked whether he thinks he may be bi-polar, he responded by saying that he is “bi-winning.”

It was entertaining, sure… but it was just sad.

People all around me are saying that they “love Charlie Sheen” for the way he is currently acting, but I can’t bring myself to say that. The man clearly needs so much help. He’s either going to kill himself or continue to shame himself. I don’t really see much entertainment value in that.

Oh well. I’m sure most people will disagree with me.

Moving on. I want to talk about a couple of other current pop culture related items.

For shits and giggles, I listened to the new Kim Kardashian single, “Jam.”

I don’t think I’ve ever had lower expectations before listening to a song in my lifetime. I knew it would be God awful, and I needed to know just how God awful it was. Basically I just wanted a laugh.

Somehow, SOMEHOW, the song still managed to be even worse than I was anticipating. I couldn’t believe how bad it was.

There is not a single authentic note in the entire song. It’s clearly all digitalized, and they don’t even try to hide it.

I don’t even think it qualifies under the category of actual music. You know that annoying beeping sound a garbage truck makes outside your house at 7 a.m. when you’re trying to sleep? That would be more enjoyable to listen to than this song. Britney Spears’ new single, in comparison, reeks of artistic integrity.

Kimmy K, stick to what you’re good at: Making sex tapes and sticking your ass out on the runway.

Lastly, I saw a trailer on television the other day for an upcoming film called “Beastly.” The trailer was about 45 seconds long, and for about the first 40 seconds of it, I thought it was a joke.

I was sitting in my chair laughing at it, thinking it was one of those Geico commercials that makes parodies. And I remember thinking in my head, “This is hilarious, because something like this would be a movie nowadays, and yet, it looks so freaking awful.”

And then I found out it was real.

I don’t think I really need to say anymore about that.

Speaking of pop culture, I have American Idol on my television right now because the Rangers game is in intermission. They’re narrowing the field down from 24 to 12, and apparently they need two hours to do it. This is retarded.

Alright, that’s enough pop culture that I can handle for one day.

The only culture I care about this weekend is of the alcoholic variety.

I will be all over that culture.

2 thoughts on “I am on a Drug, It’s Called Charlie Sheen

  1. I’m a little convinced he’ll be dead in a year. The whole crazy factor lies in the fact he thinks he’s totally fine…What’s that called? He thinks he’s this Iron Man and better than Rehab…. Delusions of grandeur? For some reason, it feels very Gary Busey.
    Speaking of him, I saw a promo for the new Apprentice, and clearly, it’s a Very Special “Washed-Up/Reality Tv Crazy ‘Celebrity’ Edition.” they have Gary Busey, some woman from a Real Housewives show, Meatloaf, Latoya Jackson, David Cassidy? It’s a shame he couldn’t snag Sheen, it would have been Craptastic Tv. I like how in People “Trump admits it wasn’t always easy to get big names to sign on for the show”
    American Idol is for chumps. I never got into that whole thing, because I always felt like it was just further cranking out crappy music.

  2. Ha yea the only reason I was watching Idol was because a kid from my hometown was on the show this season. He made it to the live portion but was eliminated on Thursday. So that effectively ends any interest I had.

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