My Company Blocked Gchat Today…

I always thought my workplace was fairly lenient when it comes to websites that they allow us to peruse on our computers.

I know of friends who are always online on gchat while at work. It’s a pretty common thing.

Within the first couple of months at my job, I (and I know it was me because I was on them all the time) got three sites blocked. They were Sporcle, Rotoworld and Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.

These I can understand. In no way can they play any advantage towards productivity in a workplace. The first one – Sporcle – is a site whose sole purpose is to waste time. It’s only logical that it would be disallowed.

The other two are fantasy sports websites. I could see how that could annoy employers. I really had no complaint with those.

Side note… obviously they have ways of viewing what we see on our computers. Otherwise this wouldn’t be a problem. And that’s why I make sure never to view porn at work. Or this blog. I’m not sure which would be worse…

Anyway, after that, I hadn’t heard of anything that has been blocked. Thankfully, my company actually uses Facebook for work purposes, so that will never be blocked. Otherwise I’d probably quit.

But this week, that all changed.

It started yesterday when a coworker realized that Pandora was blocked. I never used Pandora myself, but this still bothered me. I know my coworkers use it, but they use it while they do work. It’s part of their routine. It was in no way harming anybody’s work performance.

And then, today, the unthinkable happened. Gchat was blocked.

This is unforgivable. Everybody uses gchat. Everybody. I can’t cope without it.

It’s infuriating because it’s not like workplace productivity had been down or anything. Everything is going fine. Then one day, they decided to become Nazis.

And it’s a ridiculous thing to do because now everybody is going to use gchat on their phone. This takes much LONGER than typing on a computer. Thus, I’ll be wasting more time and be less productive.

In any level, using gchat and sporadically checking Facebook and Twitter is what keeps me productive. I can’t work for a long time without taking a short break. It’s human nature and it’s all part of the work process. It’s how the best minds work.

Ironically, what I just said is actually proven. By Harvard.

I follow “Harvard Research” on Twitter, and they post different studies that they have conducted. And since they’re from Harvard, they’re pretty much always right about everything. Anyway, here’s a tweet that they posted last week:


How retarded can you be?!

It’s extremely passive aggressive too, since they never sent us an email explaining why they did it. It’s too bad that everybody at my company is easily replaceable, otherwise we’d actually do something about it.

These past two days gave me a little bit of a glimpse of what it was like to live in Nazi Germany in the early 1900s. Abuse of power is what it is.

Gotta fight the establishment, man. It ain’t right.

It just ain’t right.

One thought on “My Company Blocked Gchat Today…

  1. I think my company blocked gchat today so I needed to do some research and I came across your blog. haha, it just ain’t right.

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