A day at the ballpark

I went to my first Mets game of the year today. It happened to be a doubleheader. The Mets lost both games. They suck.

However, it was an absolutely beautiful day to be at the ballpark. As much as I hate Citi Field based on how poorly the team has played since they moved there, I have to admit… it’s a great park. It’s exactly what a ballpark should be. You can sit in your seats and watch the game for a few innings, and then walk around the park, maybe grab some food, watch people do funny things, and maybe even hit up a bar.

You shouldn’t be regulated to your seat while at a baseball stadium. It’s supposed to be an event. Shea Stadium was not like that at all. But Citifield definitely is.

It’s just too bad the Mets really, really suck.

You know what else would really suck?


Couple thought they were millionaires after newspaper printed wrong lottery numbers.

OUCH. How do you respond to this if you work at that news paper? “Whoops… our bad!”

I actually left work early today to go to the Mets game(s). I also got a really nice buzz going while at the stadium. So, despite the Mets’ failure, it was a great Thursday. I do have pretty bad sunburn though. So I guess I have to deal with that now.

I’ve been to eight baseball stadiums in my life. Both of the new and old Mets and Yankee stadiums, Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Camden Yards in Baltimore, Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

All of the new ones are extremely nice. The Philly and Pittsburgh ones in particular were great.

By the way, can somebody please tell Paul Bettany that he doesn’t live in a mythological world full of demons and vampires? First he did that shitty Legion movie last year, and now he has a new one coming out called “Priest.”

The synopsis of the films is: ‘A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece.’

Hey Paul, vampires aren’t real!

Or are they?

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