It’s so easy to tell when girls just got out of relationships

Is it just me or are my blog titles getting longer and longer?

Anyway, in the Facebook era, you are aware of all of your Facebook friends’ relationship statuses, whether you like it or not. When a girl finds a guy, she can not wait to let the entire world know that she’s in a relationship. The change in relationship status will inevitably come with a picture of the couple together as well.

No one really parades the fact that they’re single. But everyone parades the fact that they’re taken. And it’s always funny when you see girls have their relationship status listed as if they’re in a relationship with their girl best friend.

Whenever I see that, I know exactly what is going on in their heads by doing that: “Oh, yeah, I’m single, but I’m going to pretend that I don’t care about it and try to be funny by saying I’m in a relationship with another girl, but in reality I’m really miserable and cry every night that I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Nobody likes to see other people be happy. It’s a fact of life. There’s no need for me to pretend that it’s not the case. Unless you’re at a state of ultimate happiness in your current life, then you wish nothing but horrible things upon everybody else.

So, as easy as it is to know when a girl just enters a new relationship (since they the parade the shit out of it), it’s just as easy to detect when a girl just gets out of a relationship.

And obviously it’s not just because it’s no longer listed on Facebook anymore. That’s not incontrovertible evidence. It’s when that happens along with her posting song lyrics as her Facebook status that clearly convey emotions of heartbreak and misery. And then immediately after that, they’ll be posting about all the cool shit they’re doing in their life (usually with a heart at the end of the sentence) as a way to mask the fact that they are miserable.

This always humors me. The song lyrics are always so funny because they make it so obvious that they are undergoing a break-up. They pick song lyrics that are clearly part of some depressing song that somebody wrote when he or she was trying to get over somebody. It always makes me laugh.

The song lyrics always go something like:

“You left my heart out there on the floor. But when you come back, I won’t be there no more for you. You had my love and then you threw it away.”

Or some shit like that. I literally just made that up on the spot. But it’s always some variation of those words. The words “heart” and “love” are mandatory.

I always come across these Facebook posts when I’m just happily going about my day, and I laugh because it’s clearly such an emotional post, and yet, at the same time, who cares? Why do you need to post this shit on Facebook? Is it therapeutic? Or do you just want your ex to see it?

Because you know who does see it? Everybody.

Hey, if you crave the attention enough that you’re going to parade your relationship around to everybody, then everybody is going to know when it ends too. So it’s really just something you bring on yourself.

It’s a dangerous aspect of a new relationship. Just how public do you want to make it? Are you ready for it? Honestly, how a girl behaves on Facebook in the beginning of a relationship is something I would pay very strong attention towards. It could very easily be a deal breaker.

As they say… it’s not official until it’s up on Facebook.

And when it comes down… it’s even more official.

3 thoughts on “It’s so easy to tell when girls just got out of relationships

  1. Not to be confused with the equally hilarious passive-aggressive/pay attention to me statusi “No guy is worth your tears and the one who isn’t wont make you cry.” Classic. I think the internet and Facebook has only made girls turn into even worse girls. More High-Maintenance, and honestly, who the hell wants that?

  2. is* not isn’t x.x

  3. Haha! How can I forget!

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