What’s with the fascination with other people’s ethnicities?

Whenever you see somebody — whether in reality or on television — that looks like they could be half black or half white, or some other undetermined ethnicity (or basically just something that isn’t obvious and straightforward), everyone I know immediately questions what their ethnicity is.

It’ll puzzle them so much that they’ll spend lengths of time discussing it, and then it will finally conclude with somebody looking it up to get the the answer.

I don’t understand why it matters. And not because I’m one of those “everyone is beautiful, blah blah blah” bullshitters, I just legitimately don’t care about that. If somebody does look like they are of a mixed race, maybe I’ll wonder about it for a second, and then I will go about with the rest of my day.

Obviously this is a ticky-tacky subject, and you never ask somebody (unless you’re close with them) what their race is. Just talking about it behind someone’s back is borderline inappropriate. but since when does that ever stopped anybody?

People’s main obsession is with determining if somebody is black or not. Like Derek Jeter. Or Jason Kidd, for example. Or Tiger Woods. Honestly though, what difference does it make? Will it make you think differently about them?

I truly don’t even know what I am to be perfectly honest. I just consider myself of the white race.

On that note, can somebody actually clear up for me once and for all what the difference between ethnicity and race is? I still have trouble with that.

Perhaps people are just fascinated with cultures. And I know people are still obsessed with affirmative action and the benefits it gives it minorities applying to colleges and jobs.

However, it’s really at the point now where I think it’s safe to say that everybody is equal. We have a black freaking president. If anything, I think measures like affirmative action that are implemented to give minorities “their fair shot” are more racist than doing nothing. It’s 2011, not 1982. They don’t need it anymore.

We are all one. We are all united.

We are the people.

But I’m still very happy that I’m white.

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