Dumb bitch stole my spot

So I went to the gym shortly after work today. It had been a long day, and I arrived at the gym much later than I usually do. So I wanted to be really quick. I wanted to get into the gym, do a quick workout, and get out.

But, of course, since my gym sucks, I found myself waiting behind a line of cars to get a parking spot. After about 15 minutes of waiting, I finally got to the front of the line. As I’m waiting for somebody to finally leave and claim their car, a silver car enters the parking lot and drives ahead of me. People do that all the time to either pick somebody up, drop somebody off, or park in a handicapped spot, so I thought nothing of it at the time.

A few minutes later, a wave of people leave the gym. Finally. So I’m waiting towards the back of the parking lot to see who will leave first. I notice a person walk towards their car at the front of the parking lot, but I stay where I am to make sure that they’re definitely leaving. Meanwhile, the other person who left the gym walks to a car right next to me.

However, I see the person towards the front begin to back out, so I drive forward to get ready and take the spot. The car leaves, and I’m on my way there, and that what happens? That silver car who had driven ahead of me earlier goes and in and takes the fucking spot! I can’t believe what I just saw, and then I look behind me and see that the car waiting right after me takes the other spot that had opened.

I look ahead and stare the asshole who leaves the silver car and walks to the gym. It’s some dumb bitch who’s way too tan for her own good and with awful blonde streaks in her hair while wearing sunglasses. Some Jersey Shore dumb blond bitch hoe stole my motherfucking spot.

I was absolutely fuming. I only waited maybe two minutes longer to get a spot after that, but that’s not the point. That bitch deserved to pay. Fortunately, I was going into a place where I could burn off all my steam, — which I did — but even after I left, I was staring at the bitch’s car and imagining what I should do to it.

I’ve never been somebody who would ever even think of inflicting damage on somebody’s vehicle. It’s an extremely dick thing to do.

But this bitch deserved it. I actually stared around the parking lot to see if I could get away with kicking in her tail light. You can’t get away with that shit! You deserve to be punished if you fucking drive ahead of a whole line of cars and just steal a spot like that. Obviously this bitch is a menace to society, and who knows what other shitty things she does on a daily basis.

Even now, over an hour later, I still regret not doing anything. I’m currently weighing the pros and cons of kicking in her car…

Pro: I’d have a deep, DEEP, feeling of self-satisfaction right now.

Con: If somebody saw me, I could have been caught. The police would probably have gotten involved, and I may have gotten arrested.

Pro: I’d have a deep, DEEP, feeling of self-satisfaction right now.

Con: If I were caught, and even if I didn’t get arrested, I would obviously be responsible for paying for it. That would be a shitload of money that I really don’t need to lose.

Pro: I’d have a deep, DEEP, feeling of self-satisfaction right now.

Con: My family would probably think very low of me.

Pro: Did I mention that I’d have a deep, DEEP, feeling of self-satisfaction right now?

Hmm, in the end, I think the pros outweigh the cons. It all really would have come down to how cautious I was, and whether I made sure that nobody was around to see me. Plus I’ve never attempted to kick in a car before. I don’t know how much force would be required or how loud it would be. It might hurt my foot also.

I suppose it’s for the best that I didn’t do anything. However, that bitch is going about her day thinking that she didn’t do anything wrong. God, I hope she’s one of those girls with low self-esteem that really hates herself.

Writing this blog about it was a little therapeutic, I guess. Blogging… the pussy’s form of revenge.


Facebook update of the day: Apparently one of my Facebook friends had no hot water in his shower.

The world weeps. Stay strong, buddy.

Random link/Youtube video? Well, since you asked…

Keanu Reeves really is the worst actor ever. I’m not saying it out of spite; more out admiration that somebody with such little talent in one specific skill could actually have a successful career in said skill. It’s like an illiterate person having a successful career as a poet. Want proof? here it is:

Keanu, that is not how people sneeze. Nobody leans back and then spasms, and then following the sneeze, stares longingly into the night mist. How the hell do you overact a sneeze?! I really don’t understand.

Today’s lucky numbers:

4,19, 38, 43.

Those numbers have absolutely no significance. I just made them up off of the top of my head right now.

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