Time traveling

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last week watching Terminator and Terminator 2, but lately I have been thinking about time traveling.

It’s something that everybody thinks about every now and then. If you had the ability to time travel, where would you go and during what time period? Why would you go there? Everybody has an answer.

But nobody ever thinks about it for too long, because then you realize that it’s something that we’ll never see in our lifetime. If it ever even happens at all. I know our technology is advancing at a rapid pace, especially in the last decade, but we are still nowhere near the early stages of discovering how to time travel. We may be starting to get cloning down, but time travel is still ways away.

But then I thought deeper about it (and no, I was NOT high at the time.) Just because we currently don’t have the technology available to us to allow for time travel, why does that mean it doesn’t exist?


Say that time travel finally becomes possible in the year 2500 (if humans haven’t destroyed the world by then.) Shit it could be even sooner, like year 2100. It doesn’t matter. Just pretend its way in the future.

So a time machine of sorts is invented, giving humans the ability to travel back in time. What if someone from the year 2500 wanted to travel back to 2009? Then wouldn’t they still be here? If they successfully time travel, then their existence in 2009 would have to happen as the year 2009 is presently occurring. Which is now. People from the future could be populating the Earth right now, and we don’t even know it.

Of course, no one would ever believe if a person said that they were from the future. We would all think that they are insane. So that’s why it doesn’t surprise me that it would there would never be a breaking news story about a time traveler — unless they can prove it (by having some sort of machine with them.)

So that led me to think even further: If there has never been a reported case of a time traveler, then does that mean that the human race never discovers how to do it? It wouldn’t totally surprise me, because I would expect humans to kill each other off via nuclear war before we ever get to that point.

Also, if time travel were possible, would there still be tragedies in the world? Would wars, genocide and terrorism still exist? Maybe time travelers have come back and altered the universe to prevent worldwide tragedy, and in result, gave us new tragedies. New tragedies that even they couldn’t foresee. For example, maybe there was originally meant to be an even greater dictator than Hitler who was going to threaten the balance of our world. But time travelers took care of him, and that opened the door for Hitler. But that’s all bordering dangerously close to parallel universes. And I don’t even know what that really means.

It’s all pretty crazy to think about it. But the main point I’m trying to get at is: if time travel ever exists at any  point in the future, whether it be 10 years from now or 10 million years from now, that gives humans (or whatever creature exists then) the ability to travel back in time to any year they want, therefore giving them the possibility to enter our present time.

Thinking about this is giving me a headache.

So what is in the news today? Arnold Schwarzenegger said he fathered a child 10 years ago with a former employee, and Minnesota Twins Hall of Famer and baseball legend Harmon Killebrew died today of cancer.

In my eyes, Arnold can do whatever he wants. I mean, he was the TERMINATOR. You get a lifetime exemption from all wrongdoing when you once portrayed a character as awesome as that. As for Harmon, my condolences.

Oh, here’s a Youtube video of a parrot playing with a toy bunny:

Cute, I guess?

Yup, when I’m pulling out the parrot playing with a toy bunny video… you know I’m desperate. I’m just slowly going to make my exit and hope that nobody notices…


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