If girls want to dress inappropriately in public for attention, who am I not to comply?

As you may have already surmised, today’s blog will not be about anything educational.

So, yeah. Anyway, I’m at the gym today and I’m in between sets. I’m catching my breath, listening to my music, and my eyes begin to wander around the rest of the facility as I begin people watching. Naturally, as a guy, my eyes fall on a girl wearing a very tight pink tank top and equally tight black pants. Just looking… no big deal.

Then I look at her face and realize that she can’t be much older than 15 or 16 years old.


You might think I sound like a creep for even talking about this, but, get real. It’s not like I continued to keep staring at her [for that long]. Or that I started following her out the gym, to her car, and to her house. Or even that I planned to make any type of contact with this girl whatsoever. Plain and simple, there is nothing wrong with a brief stare.

I am a male. A cold-blooded male. Not literally.

Every guy does it and it’s not creepy unless you actually pursue it, or arguably, if you blog about it later.

I couldn’t tell you exactly how girls my age dressed when I was 15 or 16 years old, but these days, it seems like times have certainly changed. When I’m out at the mall, or at the gym, I can’t help but notice younger girls dressing a lot more provocatively than one would expect.

When girls dress like this, whether they’re 15, 25, or 45, they do it because they want guys to look at them in public and take notice. So why am I such an asshole for glancing? If anything, I would be an asshole for denying it.

Just because girls aren’t constantly on the prowl like guys are, and don’t immediately think “Yeah, I’d have sex with her” like guys do anytime they see a girl for the first time, doesn’t make them any better than us. And it doesn’t make them any more mature than us.

Are girls better and more mature than guys? Probably. But it is not for this reason.

It’s the same reason why guys wear sleeveless shirts when they feel confident about their muscles. They want girls to look at them and notice it. Girls who wear tight clothing to accentuate their… assets… are doing it because they want guys to pay attention to them. I don’t have to be a girl to know this.

So I don’t really see what the big deal is by glancing. And glancing is the key word.

If you stare for several minutes while drool runs down your face, then yeah, it’s creepy. If you stare for several minutes and then take a picture on your phone so you can upload it to your computer later and permanently have her picture on your files, then you’re a huge fucking creep and probably have serious issues.

But if you’re in an enclosed public setting, and she happens to be in your line of vision, and she’s dressed the way she is, and you notice, then I don’t see what the big deal is.

The only reason I even feel perfectly comfortable talking about this is because I know I’m not a creep. I am very much attracted to girls my age and my age only. Or maybe within a year or two older and younger. I’m 24, so an acceptable range can be considered 22-26, at the moment. That’s all I need.

So basically, the point I’m trying to make is… why do guys get blamed for being “pigs” or “perverts” when girls are the ones dressing the way that they do?

It’s innate. IT’S INNATE.

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