Bye bye Weiner

So the big news today is that Anthony Weiner formally announced his resignation from congress a mere two weeks following the “sexting” scandal — which the media has not-so-subtly named it — after heavy prodding by his fellow democrats in government, president Obama included.

taken from (and hopefully not sued by) the New York Times


That’s sarcasm, in case you didn’t realize. Before I begin to voice my input on this, let me share what I wrote in my blog exactly ten days ago:

So that’s why I love when this shit breaks out, and the politician always does the same thing. First, they deny it. Then, they admit their wrongdoing and apologize. Then they vow to not resign. When we all know that within a year he will be out of politics and will be a political analyst for CNN alongside Eliot Spitzer

I’m right so far, except that it took a lot sooner than I anticipated.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of differing opinions on this. Naturally, most males that I’ve spoken to think it’s ridiculous that this became such a big issue, and even more ridiculous that he resigned. I couldn’t disagree more.

It’s 2011. This is how the media works. You do something foolish, you pay the consequences.

That being said, for someone who is supposed to be fairly intelligent, and yet, still not able to foresee what the consequences of his actions might be… well, I don’t want this guy making big decisions for the state that I live in. If you don’t have the proper judgment to not realize that what you’re doing can easily blow up in your face, then, well, your judgment sucks.

In addition, he lied about it. First he said that he wasn’t aware of any picture messages, then he said his Twitter account was hacked. Okay, so he’s a liar and an idiot. But sure… stay in congress.

There are millions of other people in New York, I’m sure at least one of them can make better decisions than him. Also, this is the only information that we know. Who knows what the hell he did. He was having “online affairs” with several women, including porn stars. With that in mind, I’m not going to give him the benefit of the doubt when he says that he’s never had an actual affair.

And on top of all this comes the worst part. Take a look at what his wife looks like:

Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin


That is the type of women that we spend our entire lives trying to attain! Jesus F’in Christ. This just adds to the stupidity that is Anthony Weiner. Unbelievable. If this women was my wife, I would hold on tight and never let go.

Funny enough, one of the girls that he had his “online relationships” with was porn star Ginger Lee… who I’m ashamed to say that I am familiar with. Fox News has a story that says that Weiner told her to lie to the media about the messages. Yesterday, she held a press conference saying so. The headline of the article on Fox News is hysterical:

Porn Star: Weiner Asked Me to Lie, Should Quit

Taken from (and hopefully not sued by) Fox News. As you may have guessed, Ginger Lee is the one on the left.


a) Since when does a porn star’s opinion matter ever? For anything? Let alone POLITICS. The only topic in which a porn star’s opinion should matter is when you are wondering what’s the best way to suck a dick.

b) The label that they give her in the headline is what is so hysterical; ‘Porn Star.’ She’s not even a real person. How the hell can you live and respect yourself when you are a porn star?

c) She may be a dirty porn star, but she’s still hot as hell. Which leads me to an interesting thought: Do normal girls think it’s disgusting when guys are physically attracted to porn stars? That being said, I’d still take Huma over Ginger.

That was all kind of an aside. But what I’m trying to say is this… if you want to go flaunting yourself around on the Internet, go ahead. This is America, you can do whatever you want. But don’t do it and expect to be a respected member of society. Therefore, when your job relies on you being a respected member of society, and you go and do something like this, then you don’t deserve to keep your job. I really have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

And that is why I think it is ridiculous when people say that he should not have resigned. Clearly, they don’t have a very good understanding on how things work.

That all being said, if you’d like to see sexually provocative pictures of yours truly… then click here.

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