Hot vs. Pretty vs. Cute vs. Beautiful

Disclaimer: Personality matters, we’re all beautiful on the inside, blah blah blah

I was recently thinking how difficult it is to explain to other guys how attractive you find another girl. You want to describe how she looks, but it’s a hard thing to do when you’re limited to only so many words.

There are the typical things we say, like “Dude, she was a 10 out of 10,” or “Man, she was sooo hot, bro,” or, “Damn that girl is bangin’!” The problem is, however, that all of these words and phrases are subjective. What’s hot to one person may not be to the other. We all have different tastes and different standards. Therefore, while describing a girl to another guy, there’s going to be a lot of errors in translation. Hot, cute, pretty, dope, fly, bangin’, hot-dayumn… these are all just words that mean different things to different people.

Of course, this could simply be solved by showing a photo, but that’s not always an option. And it’s creepy.

So, since I am clearly the official voice of America, I thought I would chime in and share exactly what I think the meaning to these particular words are. Hopefully, I can offer some sort of clarification, and, along the way, I am sure I’ll offend many girls, and on the contrary, hopefully flatter some.

Hot: This is probably the most commonly used word among guys. We’ll see a girl and say to our buddy, “Yo, check out that girl, 3 o’clock, in the blue, she’s fuckin’ hot yo.”  And your friend will respond by saying, “Not bad. I’ve seen better,” as if he’s some sort of mega-player, when the truth is, girls find him repulsive. But that is neither here nor there.

To me, hot means that there is nothing but pure, animalistic, physical attraction. All you know is that you just saw this girl, and you don’t need to know anything about her, but you want her. She could be dumb as rocks, or even be a hooker for all you know, but she’s got the goods. Usually, this will be universal agreement among men.

When I use the word “hot” it means she only appeals to me on a physical level, and nothing else. Sometimes you can look at a girl and just see more, and that’s when you want to know the girl better. It’s hard to explain. But, with “hot,” you don’t need to know more about her, you just want to see her naked. It’s shallow, but it’s true.

Pretty: A lot of times guys will get flack from other guys when they use this word. We’ll say, “Wow, that girl is really pretty,” and your buddy will say, “What? That’s gay, man!”

When I say a girl is pretty, it means that she just has that natural look. She doesn’t need makeup, and she doesn’t need to dress like a whore; she just looks good all the time. It’s a God-given gift. However, again, thinking a girl is pretty doesn’t always mean that you are interested in her romantically. I know plenty of girls who I can acknowledge are pretty, but I wouldn’t want to date them just because they are not necessarily what I am looking for. I’m not shallow… just picky.

Cute: This is another very commonly used word. Like “hot,” cute is just a general term for all types of physical attraction. It encompasses everything.

Also, a lot of times guys describe a girl as cute whenever they’re unsure if their friends will agree with them. It’s almost like they’re looking for approval from their buddies, and will say, “That girl is pretty cute…” in a very unsure tone. Yet, deep down, they know that she’s cute, regardless of what their friends think.

However, to me, cute means that the girl isn’t necessarily supermodel pretty, or Hollywood pretty, but very, very attractive. Often times, a girl is cute and she doesn’t even realize it. However, she fits your mold completely, even if your mold isn’t universal with the rest of the guy world.

When I think of cute, I think of a girl who isn’t trying to look good, just does what she wants to do, and doesn’t really try that hard to appeal to guys. And yet, she does. It’s almost like that cliché “Girl next door” phrase. When I say that a girl is cute, it usually means I see something more than what’s beyond the surface, and that there’s some type of goodness there. Think substance over style.These girls, in my opinion, are the keepers.

Beautiful: Very seldom, if ever, will you hear a guy utter, “That girl is beautiful.” At least not out loud.

Beautiful means that this girl, in your eyes, is one-of-a-kind. Her beauty is jaw dropping. You’ll take one look at her, and you’ll become transfixed, as if you didn’t know a girl could ever look that beautiful. Deep down, you know that she obviously isn’t the prettiest girl in the world, not even remotely close, but she is to you.

And when you see this girl, you’ll put her on a pedestal. You will never think that you have a chance with her. All you’ll be saying in your head is, “What would this beautiful girl ever want to do with a chump like me?” In your head, you’ll never be good enough.

Consequently, by thinking this, you’re bringing about low self-esteem and poor body language, and thus you’ll become your own worst enemy. Is it hard to talk to beautiful women? Of Course. It’s almost impossible. But you know what is worse? Never trying.

That, in my opinion, is what those words mean. If you ever hear me saying any of these four words while describing a girl, I’m usually thinking along these lines.

Of course, as I stated earlier, everyone has their own opinion and all of these things that I said right now may be completely and utterly different than what another guy thinks.

But… I’m the one with the blog. So… bwahahahaahahahaha. I’ll stop that now.

11 thoughts on “Hot vs. Pretty vs. Cute vs. Beautiful

  1. (^__^)#

    So, this is what guys think. Interesting.

    Greetings from California.

  2. Uh oh. Did I just reveal our secrets?!

    Hehe. It’s one guys’ thought-process, at least. California, eh? Never been… enjoy!

  3. What does it mean when a guy says, “you’re stunning?”

  4. Old post, found it by chance in a search. Just wanted to say this is how I interpret it:

    Hot: Like it says above, purely physical attraction. Want to see naked, would love to have sex. Not necessarily nothing else there (for example you can love your girlfriend but when she dresses to turn on on, she’s hot), but that’s the level it’s appealing to. Synonym: sexy.

    Pretty: Naturally aesthetically pleasing, as said above. But it’s universal – you can say a female relative is pretty. You can say a friend is pretty. “You look really pretty today” is usually an acceptable compliment. Someone you just plain enjoy looking at because she’s pleasing to the eye. Male equivalent: handsome.

    Cute: This is where I deviate from above. Cute usually refers to youthful looks as far as I’m concerned. Cute is also usually “attainable”, and also has to do with style of dress and attitude – glasses, cutesy expressions, a pixie cut and things like that. Geek girls are often described as cute. They’re also usually not “conventionally” attractive. Not UNattractive or off-putting in any way, but just somewhat different looking and attractive in ways that the “popular” girls aren’t. Superlative: adorable.

    Beautiful: Extremely aesthetically pleasing, but it also has a lot to do with attitude. Classic beauty, like 1950s actresses. Classy, elegant, and confident. Carries herself well. Turns heads when she walks in a room, but it’s not necessarily sexual. She may be showing off her body, but you appreciate her full beauty instead of staring at any one aspect of her. Synonyms: gorgeous, stunning.

  5. This is EX-CE-LLENT!!

    Finally!!! someone comes out of the closet..

    Now, WHY most of guys are afraid or timid to express themselves in this matter??

    it’s true, you can be frozen when you like someone and you want to approach her, but remember, that “someone ” does know that you like her, so should be easy.. well, ok not easy, but at least you have a chance to TRY, JUST ACT. .

    Anita from Trinidad & Tobago

  6. Thank you for your insight about all of this! I’ve been called ‘cute’ by guys so many times and my boyfriend calls me and everything I do cute. To me it meant I was cute like a puppy, but now I have a different view. Thank you for your insight. I feel much better about the word ‘cute!’ 🙂

  7. Question, which one of these would you be serious about, to want to date long term or even marry.

  8. Just what I needed! Thank you for this post! A guy fb inboxed me yesterday and told me I was pretty and today a guy I really like called me cute. I’m thinking “cute”?! Wasn’t sure if that meant like a little sister or what but I was hoping for some clarification.

  9. Thank you! This totally explained a few things and helped me out! I totally get what you where saying and understand it. I wish we didn’t complicate things so much (us women)!! Thanks (;

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