Half of me is guido

So today was kind of a thrill. All my life, I’ve been a huge Mets fan. And today I got to meet a Met. A local camp managed to get Mets first basemen Ike Davis to come and visit and speak to the campers, and fortunately for me, I got to cover it for my newspaper.

I got to head down there this morning and hang out for a couple of hours while Ike shared words of wisdom with 11 and 12-year-olds.

Oh, and speaking of 11 and 12-year-olds, I was fortunate enough to find a judge earlier this morning who could lift my restraining order, allowing me to go to the camp in the first place! *TOTALLY KIDDING, PEDOPHILIA IS NOT FUNNY*

Anyway, I know it’s cliché to say this, but Ike is a cool dude. He seems like any other 24-year-old (same age as me!) and is someone who I definitely could see myself grabbing a beer with. We’re buddies now. I started out by calling him Ike, and then I tried I-Dawg, and he slapped me in the face. Okay, I didn’t call him that. But I easily could have.

Here’s a picture of me and I-Dawg:

Who's that handsome guy on the left?

By the way, don’t let the height difference fool you. I very proudly stand at 5’9″, (okay, 5’8″ and three-quarters, fuck you) but Ike is a monster and is a good 6’4″, 230 pounds. I could probably still take him.

Anyway, my dad is also a huge Mets fan. So I came home today and showed him this picture, without giving him any context. I hadn’t told him beforehand that I was meeting Ike Davis today. So he looks at the picture, and not even kidding, his immediate reaction is: “Wow, is that Ike Davis? And who is that next to him? His son?”

Wow dad.

Oh and a funny tidbit from the day: One camper asked Ike who he got his first career hit against. Ike said that it was off of a Chicago Cubs pitcher, but that the name had slipped his mind. Immediately, I looked up the answer on my Droid, and later, upon taking this picture with him, I turned to Ike and said, “By the way, your first hit… it was off Randy Wells.” Ike raised his hand and said “Randy Wells!” as if it had been frustrating him all day that he couldn’t remember. So that was cool. And for once, my smart phone actually proved useful.

But I don’t know, I think it might have been a bigger thrill for Ike to get meet me than for me to meet Ike. I do write this blog, after all, amirite people? Just agree with me. Please.

The one downside from today was that the weather outside was absolutely scorching. About 90 degrees with humidity, and the sun out and blasting. Since my reason for being there was work-related, I had to wear jeans and a collared shirt. I really did not know I was capable of sweating as much as I did today. The scary thing is that it’s been several hours since all this happened and I still have not showered yet.

Yeah, yeah, I know, “Wahh he’s whining about being outside all day while I was stuck at the office!” Don’t worry, I know. I’m sure you probably posted on Facebook at some point today about how you wish you were at the beach. I get it.

As a result of the sunny weather, I got incredibly sunburnt. I have yet to acquaint myself with the beach this summer, and I think my skin was not accustomed to getting that much sunlight. And now, every part of my skin that was not covered by clothing is beet red. Half of me looks like Pauly D, while the other half looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost. Both of whom enjoy jaegerbombs.

It’s all good though, tomorrow I’ll be all tan and I’ll have a nice dark complexion, adding to my lust and appeal. No? Didn’t think so. Even as I typed it I knew it didn’t sound right.

Alright, it’s time for that shower. After all, cleanliness is something that appeals to girls, I’ve been told.

3 thoughts on “Half of me is guido

  1. You remind me of this guy I used to like. I hate him now. So I hate you too. Sorry. 😛

    • can you introduce me to him? I’d bet we’d get along!

      • You resemble him lookswise, not personality wise. I guess I should have said I hate you for reminding me of him.
        Although after reading some of your stories about how you just don’t give a shit about people’s feelings at times, it kind of makes me think both of y’all will get along very well. Not introducing you two!

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