Why do girls negatively discuss their boyfriends in such a positive manner?

Yes I know that is a very confusing title, but bear with me.

When you’re constantly around girls who have boyfriends (not fiancés, not husbands, but boyfriends), you’re going to notice a lot of shit. And when I notice it, I post it here.

Anyway, I swear, whenever I hear a girl mention her boyfriend, it’s always for something that he did wrong. Like, he accidentally insinuated that she was gaining weight, or something. However, when the girl discusses this little anecdote, she’s always laughing when she says it. Like it’s the most hilarious thing in the world when her boyfriend tells her she’s fat.

And then the other girls in the room, most of which probably have boyfriends also, laugh along like it is also the most hysterical thing that they have ever heard. And then they’ll discuss her boyfriend by his first name, even though they have never met him, but she talks about him so much that everyone knows his name.

I swear to God that I made this observation a couple of days ago. But I decided it wasn’t important enough to discuss right away. Since then, I keep hearing it happen over and over again, and thus I bumped it up to the highest possible priority. Listen next time you hear a girl talk about her boyfriend. It’s always in a negative light, and she’ll be laughing when she says it.

When I hear these little stories about what her boyfriend did wrong, the girl will end it by saying, “Isn’t that funny that he said that?”

All I want to say in response to that is, “No. No that’s not funny. That’s horrible. You’re boyfriend sounds like a huge loser that treats you like shit. Why the hell are you with him?”

I know how girls would respond to this argument. They would say that guys complain about their girlfriends all of the time to other guys. They would say, “Damn, my girlfriend is such a drag,” or something like that.

However, the reason most guys complain about their girlfriend is because she’s being too clingy, or too high-maintenance, or too needy. Bear in mind, this is the guy’s opinion. Basically, he’s complaining about things that normal girlfriends should be doing. Girlfriends should be clingy, they should be needy, and they should be high-maintenance. That’s why girls and guys get together, to be with each other and to maintain each other. If the guy’s complaining about the girl, it’s actually about something that’s a good thing, but he’s trying to save face and not appear that he enjoys it in front of his guy buddies.

Guys would never complain about how their girlfriends ignore them, or they make fun of them. Never.

You see, girls think guys aren’t romantic at all, but the truth is, guys are way more romantic than girls, and it’s not even close. When a guy meets a girl he really cares for, he says to himself, “Man, I gotta marry this girl. I’d be an idiot to let her go. An idiot.” Regardless of any other factor, such as financial situation, living situation or anything else, he won’t let her go. Because he knows if he does, he may be making the biggest mistake of his life.

Meanwhile, girls will find a guy, and they’ll stay with him because he’s convenient. he’s there. He has a decent job, a decent family, and for the most part he has a shit together. So she marries him because of all of those factors. How the fuck can you tell me that is romantic? That’s the least romantic thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

So let me tell you something, girls. If you’re telling a story to your friends about how ambivalent, mean, careless or uncompromising your boyfriend is, and you’re laughing about it, well there’s probably something wrong. It sounds to me like you’re settling for a loser.

But hey, if you’re laughing about it and having a good time, then who am I to complain?


One thought on “Why do girls negatively discuss their boyfriends in such a positive manner?

  1. Take it from someone who had the same gf for 5 years, GIRLS LOVE TO COMPLAIN. they’ll complain even if they had the man of they’re dreams, and theres no way to stop it. They find it fun to complain so you might as well let her do it because nothing is gonna stop her.

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