What is Facebook doing?

Sure enough, like everyone else in the world, you awoke this morning and quickly logged onto Facebook. And sure enough, like everyone else in the world, you saw the new layout and exclaimed, “What the hell?”

Yes. Facebook changed its layout. Again.

Inevitably, everybody complained about it. On Facebook. Does anybody else see the irony in this? That people were complaining about Facebook… on Facebook?

Newsflash: Facebook changes a lot. Like every few months. And every time, everybody complains. Then after a few days, everybody gets used to it and nobody cares anymore about the new layout.

So what did Facebook do differently? Well, for starters, there are now two newsfeeds on my newsfeeds. It’s been a full day, and I still don’t know what it accomplishes. I believe the primary newsfeed is the “top stories,” consisting of status updates and photos.

The minifeed over to the right, meanwhile, has the minor things, such as comments on photo albums, or notifications of so-and-so becoming friends with so-and-so.

If anything, the new changes sure made Facebook look pretty ugly. It’s no longer aesthetically appealing to the eye. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but for now, it’s ugly.

And those are really the main changes.

I love how I am reading articles, and hearing people comment, about how Facebook changed it’s look so that it can compete with Google Plus.

Okay, first of all, Facebook does not need to compete with anybody. Excuse my crude use of language, but Google Plus is a freckle on Mark Zuckerberg’s ass when you compare it to Facebook.

Did most people create Google Plus accounts? Sure, why not? There’s no downside to giving it a shot. But do people actually use it? No.

Mark Zuckerberg did not change Facebook to “compete” with Google Plus. and he certainly did not change Facebook to “mimic” Google Plus. He did it so that people would be spending their entire day talking about the new changes that Facebook made. Even if it’s in a not-so-positive light, people are still talking about it. It’s still remaining relevant.

The only thing Google Plus did was get people to talk about how this is Google’s first major attempt to combat Facebook. Did it work? No, and it probably never will. However, at the very least, people were still talking about Google Plus.

So, Zuckerberg wanted to get people talking about Facebook again, and only Facebook. And he did it. The man is a freaking genius. The reason Facebook changes so often is so that it stays relevant. It stays current.

It’s like when Apple made the iPhone. Did they call it a day, and consider it a job completed? Of course not. They, like any other intelligent company, kept making tweaks and modifications. Otherwise, they would have been surpassed by somebody else. If you want to stay at #1, you can never rest. And Zuckerberg knows that.

But I will say, the one thing that Facebook did take away from Google Plus is the ability to categorize friends. You can label people as “close friends” or “acquaintances” or “work friends,” which is actually pretty helpful. That way, you can better control what you want specific people to see. That’s probably the one thing Goggle Plus had over Facebook — until now. You can’t win ’em all Marky Zucks. But don’t worry, I still love ya. No homo. Okay, maybe a little homo. Just a little.

So yeah, those 20+ Facebook statuses you saw today, consisting of people complaining about the new layout… that is exactly what mark Zuckerberg wanted. It is exactly what he was hoping for. Google Plus was trying to steal away his thunder, and he said, “Fuck you Google Plus, I’m taking my thunder back.” Like that Selena Gomez song, where she sings about thunder and lightning. I don’t actually know that song, I just happened to hear it on the radio once. By accident. And I was too lazy to change the dial.

Alright, screw you. It’s catchy.

But nevermind Selena Gomez, because it’s really all about this guy:

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