Oh so this is when everybody starts talking about how much they love Thanksgiving

Before I begin, I need to acknowledge the continued success of one, Taylor Swift. I wrote last night that she had just won the female country vocalist of the year, but, after I published that blog, and as the night progressed, Taylor went on to win two more awards, including country album of the year, and the big one, artist of the year.

These awards are voted on by the fans, and last year, Justin Bieber won the artist of the year, so obviously, that alone tells you that this isn’t the end-all be-all as far as awards go. However, as it is fan-voted, it shows how many people in this world Taylor Swift has connected with, and how adored she is by her fans, to continually win these awards.

Say what you want about her, but she hasn’t had one blemish on her career thus far, and really is a great role model for young girls and aspiring musicians.

Also, I heard a lot of complaining on Twitter last night about how annoyed people were becoming with Taylor’s “fake shock” face. While it certainly appeared quite a few times last night, people need to realize that she is not faking anything, and that she truly is humble and appreciative of all of her fans. Sure, she sells millions of records and wins awards, but she knows her place, and that place is just a girl playing a guitar and singing about things she knows. She doesn’t think she’s better than anybody, and that’s why it comes as such a shock to her to be bestowed with such prestigious awards. So, back the shit off, haters.

Whereas if I were to win an award, like Blogger of the Year, I would walk up to that stage with smug arrogance and act like I was better than everybody. I wouldn’t even thank my fans either, because they are nothing compared to me. Nothing.

So anyway, now that the air is cleared, let’s move on.

Just like any other Monday, everybody returned to work today. Naturally, on this day, you’re always a degree sleepier, a degree crankier, and a degree more miserable than usual. However, not on this Monday.

Because of Thanksgiving, the entire nation has a four-day week, with many even having a three-day week. Thus, this Monday was a lot more tolerable than most.

Naturally, when you talked to your friends and coworkers today, the subject will have drifted towards Thanksgiving. And naturally, you probably heard these words:

“Man, I love Thanksgiving. So much food, football, we get the day off from work, and it’s my favorite holiday of the year!”

Well guess what? We all know that already. Thanksgiving is an annual holiday that occurs every year, and nothing about it ever changes. There is turkey, football, wine, family and for some reason, the chopped liver that your grandmother always brings over. All the good things you experience, we get to experience too. Every year.

It’s not like football is only televised in your household. I see the same games you do, buddy.

I’m waiting to hear somebody tell me something completely original about how their family celebrates Thanksgiving. Something like:

“Man, I love Thanksgiving. Every year, me and family wake up at the crack of dawn and go scuba diving in shark infested water, without scuba gear. Then we go to the zoo and throw bread crumbs to the zebras, and then we travel back home by means of a potato sack race. It’s my favorite holiday!”

Then you will have my attention.

There’s really nothing to not love about Thanksgiving. There’s the aforementioned obscene amounts of food, an overdose of football, you see the cousins you have that you actually like, and then you relax for the rest of the night and watch television. In addition, you had the day off to sleep late, and consequently, you were able to go out with friends the night before and get loaded.

It’s pretty much how you wish every day could be. So saying that you like Thanksgiving is like saying that you enjoy receiving blowjobs. No. Shit.

I’m certainly not trying to be a downer, and I don’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade, but let’s try to just go one year without boring my ears off about how much you enjoy Thanksgiving. Sound good?

Also, Thanksgiving is the time when you are supposed to take time and think about what you are grateful for. What am I thankful for, you ask? Hmm, I’m grateful for my dashing good looks, my sharp wit and jovial personality, and, alright, fine, I’m grateful for the people who take a few minutes to read this blog. Just like how Taylor Swift is grateful for all of her fans.

*Shocked face*

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