Do people actually have dessert as a meal?

As kids, we are taught the primary courses that most humans abide by. There’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. However, once you grow older, you realize that dessert isn’t actually a thing.

Breakfast is arguably my favorite meal of the day, and I try to have it daily, depending on how early I wake up before work.

Lunch is also a can’t-miss, especially since this isn’t communist China, and most workplaces allot us a lunch hour.

Dinner, meanwhile, is where I stuff myself, and then hold my stomach in regret half-an-hour later. (I can’t help it — I eat until my plate is empty!)

But dessert? Seriously? Like, my question is, do people actually reserve time in their daily schedule for dessert? Do they hold back on dinner just so they can eat dessert later? Do they buy cakes and treats at the supermarket with dessert in mind? And do they actually wait until a certain time, such as “dessert time,” and sit down with their family while eating it?

I wonder this, because once I became a knowledgeable young adult, and started actually learning about health and proper eating, dessert vanished in my mind. We learned that the foods that normally comprise desert will very easily lead you to a life of obesity, or a heart attack, and that is all that I needed to know.

I understand that junk food exists, and that it is enjoyable to indulge in ice cream, chocolate, cupcakes, brownies, pie or a box of Good N’ Plenty every now and then. We’re only human, we can’t restrain ourselves all of the time.

But daily, as in a fourth meal? Please tell me this doesn’t happen.

For almost a decade, the word “dessert” hasn’t even crossed the threshold of my mind. I don’t look at the clock two hours after dinner and think, “Oh my, it’s dessert time! Time to eat… again.”

In my opinion, I think it is flat-out poor parenting to encourage your children to eat dessert. Not that I would deprive my children of junk food, but I would never set aside a certain time, say like 8:00, and call to them from the bottom of the stairs, “Kids, dessert time!” I also would not ever beat them.

And I’m trying not to be judgmental. If you like to pig out and eat junk food on a regular basis, well then, as long as you’re comfortable with it, then I’m comfortable with it. If you don’t mind sacrificing your physical appearance for excess overeating, then more power to you. I have nothing against fat people.

But what does bother me, is when fat people often complain about how they hate how they look, or how they “wish they could lose weight”, or how they “don’t have the time to lose weight,” and yet, when they eat a meal, they have two helpings, a brownie and a coke, well, then that does bother me. I can’t help but look at what they’re consuming, and not think, “Yeah dude, this is why you are fat. Look no further.”

But of course, you can’t actually say anything. So I keep my discriminating thoughts to myself. Like I always do. Except when I’m blogging.

Oh boy. I’m glad I never say my name on here. Oh wait, I do. Crap.

Anyway, I’d like to move onto something a little more serious. I want to take a moment to say a proper goodbye and pay my respects to a certain feline, who went by the name of Bubbles.

In life, there is nothing better, and nothing worse, then to love. You all know why there is nothing better. Conversely, I say it is also the worst, because as happy as love can make you, it can also make you as distraught when you lose the ones you love. It happens to us all, and it sucks.

Some people out there may try to devalue the loss of a pet, claiming that “it’s not human, so get over it.” But, fuck them. Us pet owners and animal lovers know differently.

To lose something who knows nothing else in this world but to give and accept unconditional love, no matter the circumstances, is nothing short of tragic. Regardless of what you look like, or what you are going through in life, your pet will love you. It’s all it wants to do. It will still snuggle with you at night, and it will still purr when you pet it. That never changes, and it is what makes a pet so wonderful.

Losing a pet is awful, but at the same time, it makes you so damn happy to know that you got to experience your time with it. Again, it’s that “best and worst” thing. It makes you wonder how anyone in this world could not be a pet owner, since they are missing out on one of the greatest companionships known to man.

Although one may experience devastation, heartbreak, anger and frustration upon losing a pet, while wondering how that lovable creature can be taken away from you, one also needs to realize that they made that animal feel like it was the luckiest thing in the world. Nothing was making you love that pet. Nothing made you feed it several times a day, give it shelter, and nothing made you play with it. No one even told you that you had to have a pet in the first place. But you did, and you made every second of it count.

A cat may not know many things, with its little brain and all, but that… it does get. You made it’s life, and that’s all you could ever do.

And after those emotional words, I think I can use a cupcake.

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