It’s not about having a lot of friends

Having a lot of friends is never a bad thing.

For one, it’s a good indicator of the type of person you are. If you are an annoying, rude, boisterous and/or grouchy individual, then people will not want to be around you. So if you do have a lot of friends, it means you possess good qualities, and that is certainly never a bad thing.

From a networking standpoint, it’s great to have a lot of friends. When searching for better job opportunities, there are plenty of people who can help you out. So that is definitely another plus.

Lastly, and arguably the most important factor of having a lot of friends, is that you get to flaunt it on Facebook. I’m obviously kidding when I say it is the most important, but to say that it doesn’t matter would be a flat-out lie. Whenever we make Facebook statuses, we all hope that we get several ‘likes’ and several comments. And conversely, it’s extremely embarrassing to write a Facebook status that receives zero responses.

On a side note, it’s almost unfair to have a spouse, because if you ever find yourself with an unappealing Facebook status, your wife or husband will always be there to bail you out with a ‘like’ or a comment. It’s one of the most overlooked benefits of marriage. I’m single, but does someone want to volunteer to be my automatic “prevent my Facebook statuses from going ignored” person? All it requires is checking my Facebook wall once a day and making sure all my statuses have responses. Send applications if you are interested. Thanks.

Okay, so yeah, for all of the reasons I stated above, it is extremely beneficial to have a lot of friends.

However, I realized something recently. Having friends is nice and all, and it makes you feel good. There’s no doubt about it. It’s cool to have over 1,000 Facebook friends as opposed to 250. However, the realization I had is… it’s not the quantity of friends that matter.

It’s the quantity of friends who actually give a shit about you that matters.

In other words, the people who actually like you and care about you.

What if you have 1,200 Facebook friends, and yet, only two of them really truly care about you? What if only two of them would pick you up along the highway when your car breaks down at 3 a.m.? And if one of them is your mom?

And if you have 250 Facebook friends, and yet, 50 of them would be willing to pick you up if need be. Which of those people would you rather be? I think the answer is pretty damn easy.

I’m not trying to be narcissistic, and say that you want people to worship you or anything. In fact it’s the opposite.

How do you get people to genuinely like you? How do you get people to care about you? Well, it’s simple.

By genuinely liking them back. By caring about them too.

Now I’m not saying that you should be fake. Don’t pretend to like people. If you don’t get along, then you don’t get along, and leave it at that. But you really need to learn to see the best in people. You should learn to realize that everyone has their own life too, and treat them as such. Then, my friend, you will earn their respect and their friendship. I never said it was easy. It’s a lot of responsibility, but it is worth it.

If you live in your own little shell, and only converse with people when you need to, or when it’s convenient for you, then it’s worthless how many people you know. If you don’t show people the compassion, attentiveness and self-respect that they deserve, at all times, then they will never consider you a real friend, and that is how it works.

So, again, it’s not about “knowing x amount of people.” Rather, it’s about knowing x amount of people who you can always talk to when you need to, who you can form memories with, and who you can count on at all times. That is what friends are really about. And the only way to get that is to give it in return.


To change gears a little, I want to point out that I went to the movies today (saw “Hugo”, fantastic movie. One of my favorites of the year, hands down), and during the sneak previews, I became appalled.

It’s easy to notice how unoriginal Hollywood has become nowadays. Every movie is either a sequel, a prequel, or an adaptation from a book, comic or an earlier film.

But the lack of originality has hit a new low. I saw six previews during my theater experience today, and three of them were Titanic, Beauty and the Beast and Star Wars. Yes, I know that all of those movies have come out already, but they are returning to theaters. In 3D. Talk about freaking money-grubbing.

I blame the success of the Lion King, which returned to the theaters a few months ago in 3D, and topped the box office for about three weeks in a row. So now every classic film is going to do it. Why the hell would people waste their money on this? it costs about $14 to see a movie in 3D. It’s not worth it; I’d prefer to just watch the original version in its classic form.

People, don’t encourage the lack of originality. Just don’t do it!

The last thing I want to say is that today I had the first opportunity to switch to the “Timeline” option on Facebook, and it was a no-brainer for me. The format is very different, but like all changes, I’ll get used to it in a few days. Additionally, if you’re a nostalgic person like me, then it’s always fun to go back and look at your old pictures.

Well, since the Timeline sorts everything into chronological order, it is now extremely simple to scroll down to earlier points your life, and not only see your old photos, but also your old Facebook statuses and wall posts! It’s nostalgia city and in a very aesthetic and convenient manner. I love it. And I tip my hat to you, Zucks.

Okay that’s all for me today. I have a fantasy basketball draft ongoing at the moment and I think people will get pissed off at me if I keep letting it get down to the final seconds for all of my picks. Also, Beauty and the Beast (THE NON 3D VERSION, THANK YOU VERY MUCH) is on ABC Family right now. So yeah. I’m good.

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