I’ve already accomplished my New Years resolution

Happy New Year everyone. Including you, the random person who happens to be reading this blog for the first time ever. Especially you.

In my own opinion (as if anything else mattered on this blog), New Years is very anticlimactic. The excitement leading up to New Years stems from the anticipation and unknowing of what the next year will bring. Twelve months lie ahead of you, and a lot can happen over that time. Hopefully a lot of good things. It’s a very exciting prospect.

And then three days pass, and you realize that everything is exactly the same as it was before New Years, and before the previous New Years, and before the previous New Years before that, and you feel kind of let down.

Me, however? I feel fine. I don’t expect things to magically become different in my life just because the year is different. I’m aware that if anything has to change in my life, then I am the one who has to make it happen, regardless of whether it is 2011 or 2012 or 2047.

And that is why I don’t even bother making extravagant New Years resolutions. I already know what I wish to accomplish. I don’t need to declare it the day before New Years for it to have any extra significance.

I don’t have anything against making ambitious New Years resolutions, but I just think it’s funny when I hear other people make their own.

First of all, most New Years resolutions are drastic things like “get a new job,” or “move out of my parents’ house,” or “start working out,” are things that you can do immediately. Why do you need to give yourself an entire year to do them? If you were really that motivated towards changing careers, then start looking up jobs, send out inquiries and schedule some interviews. It can be done within a couple of days.

However, the typical human being will just say, “Eh, I just want to get a job sometime later in the year. It doesn’t have to be now.”

And that just makes a New Years resolution an extended form of procrastination. You’ve been putting it off for a while now, and now you’re going to just put it off for another 12 months.

I also find it humorous when people say they wish to change their attitude as their New Years resolution. Such things as “be nicer to people,” “become more charitable,” or “appreciate life more.”

For starters, you’re been one way your entire life. If you’re arrogant, patronizing or mean, you’re not just going to change at the drop of a hat. Sorry, but it’s not going to happen. I suppose being aware of it is a start, but why do you even need it to be a New Years resolution? Shouldn’t that be something you work on at all times?

Also, I’m not going to make that my New Years resolution if I already am those things. I already know the importance of being nice to people, of caring about other’s feelings, and appreciating the value of each and every day. I know that. So while some people become impressed by such a resolution, I don’t. My response would be, “Uhh, how the hell were you living your life before this if you’re just realizing those things now?”

I make my New Years resolution something that is easily attainable. In fact, I have already accomplished my resolutions, just three days into the New Year.

My first resolution was to switch gyms. Not join a gym, but switch. I have belonged to the same gym for a year and a half, but I hate it. It’s too far away, uncleanly, unwelcoming, full of guidos, and the parking situation is terrible.

A different gym exists closer to me, and while it is a tad bit more expensive, it is much cleaner, nicer, and most importantly, has a massive parking lot right behind it.

I joined the gym two hours ago. New Years resolution met.

My second resolution was to start an entertainment blog. As an avid film watcher and music listener, I’ve always desired an outlet to express my thoughts following each viewing and/or listen. To me, the best part about watching a movie is being able to discuss it after. Although my cat is a good listener, it really doesn’t equate to talking to other actual human beings.

Additionally, I voiced the idea with friends who also share the same musical and cinematic enthusiasm , and they seemed interested as well. Thus, unlike this blog, this one will not be a solo venture.

Well, half an hour ago, I created the domain name. I’ll reveal it soon, since there is nothing there yet.

Those are two things I have wanted to do for a good month or two, and was putting them off. So I actually used my newfound motivation that 2012 brought, and accomplished the things I wanted to accomplish, as opposed to making an unattainable resolution and allowing any motivation to go to waste.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll make a new resolution that I can accomplish before the day is done. Perhaps I’ll try to make 365 New Years resolutions, and accomplish them all. Perhaps that could also be the concept for a good movie I can write one day. I should remember that one.

So my advice to everyone is not to shoot for the moon when you make your New Years resolutions. And I know that whole “shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll hit a star” bullshit. But forget that. If you really try to shoot for the moon, your arrow will hit its peak height, come straight back down, and impale you in the face. Is that what you want?

It’s good to have goals, but try to decipher what you can actually accomplish within a 12-month span, and go with that. As for me, I’ve done what I’ve come here to do, and my 2012 is set.

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