Tim Tebow

The man.

The myth.

The legend.

Tim Tebow has become so iconic in the United States, that a verb has been named after him, “Tebowing.”

Everybody knows who he is. Whether you are a sports fan or not. Most people claim that they can’t stand him, and yet, the other day, he was named in an ESPN poll as America’s favorite pro athlete.

Let’s go back to the whole “can’t stand him” part. It’s popular right now to hate on Tebow, and I think I know why.

  • He’s a devout Catholic, often bringing religion into sports (praying all game, saying “I want to thank Jesus” every eight seconds during press conferences.)
  • He lacks the traditional physical and athletic attributes that a quarterback should possess in order to succeed, and yet, he succeeds anyway.
  • The media does not stop discussing him. Ever.

Now, I can play devil’s advocate and combat all three of those points right now:

  • As a Catholic, Tim Tebow is a kind and good-hearted young man. He doesn’t have a trace of ill behavior in his record, is very charitable and philanthropic, and he is a good role model for young athletes. Is it a little annoying that he brings religion into what should be a secular game? Sure. But, if he was a devout Jew, or a Muslim, would he be mocked as much as he is? Of course not. There is definitely a double standard there.
  • You can chalk this up to ignorance and jealousy. For years, people have analyzed athletes and pinpointed the exact requirements that are necessary to succeed. Tim Tebow defies that. He lacks a strong arm, accuracy and a pocket presence, and yet, he wins. It drives football traditionalists insane.
  • How is this Tim Tebow’s fault? I highly doubt he asks for the attention. Blame ESPN for this, not Timmy T.

Hate or love the guy, there’s no doubt that he is a one of a kind athlete. If you watch him play football, you might find yourself cringing at some of the passes he makes, because they are so off target. And yet, in the same game, he will lead his team 80 yards down the field and perform a QB sneak into the endzone in the final minute to win the game.

It’s fun to joke, but he doesn’t win because he’s a Catholic. He doesn’t win because the hand of God is directing his arm; divine intervention is not involved.

He wins because he’s a fighter. He tried harder than most people.

Tim Tebow is a classic underdog story, but all of the religious nonsense overshadows that. Hate the guy all you want, but it’s hard not to respect all that he has accomplished.

Many more talented people than Tim Tebow have had success in college, and then entered the NFL and tanked. They take their success in college for granted and don’t work as hard in the pros. And yet, Tebow has succeeded.

I’m defending him, but I’ll admit that his praying, his Jesus name dropping and the nonstop Tebow talk is absolutely annoying. At this point, the name Tebow has become synonymous with the word, “God.” It’s absurd.

I truly hope the Tim Tebow craze in America does die down, but at the same time, I think it is really unfair to root for him to fail. The kid tries hard, and that’s all you can ask for. And yes, I can call him a kid because he is four months and seven days younger than me. 1987, represent.

Also, it’s bene rumored that he is dating Lindsey Vonn. True or not, just having your name connected with her is a feat:

Good for him.

Oh yeah, by the way, remember how I said that I was surprised to discover that Pitbull is only 30 years old? Well, today, I made another discovery regarding popular music of today.

I only learned a couple of hours ago that the song “Without You” is sung by Usher. I always knew that the artist who got credit for the song is named David Guetta, so i just figured he was some R&B singer who has a generic sound like Usher, Ne-Yo, Taio Cruz, etc. But apparently David Guetta is a white, 40-year-old DJ who just mixes the track. Did anybody else know that?

Well I didn’t, so shut it.


One thought on “Tim Tebow

  1. Tim Tebow is annoying as fuck. I’d pray that he gets struck down by lightening but I won’t waste my time pretending as if that actually works or is worth being compared to that Jesus statue.
    Envy him for his rumored girlfriend all you want, it’s not like he’s doing anything to her that you men usually envy about most guys anyways. Or maybe he is…and he is very careful.
    Take it from someone raised in a Protestant household who once had a Muslim roommate. All that theatrical praying, even from my parents, is annoying. It’s best kept private in my opinion.

    Yeah, DJs have been putting their names on albums including multiple work from OTHER artists for years. Check out DJ Khaled; at least he yells on most of “his” tracks!

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