So when’s the appropriate time to send out a Facebook birthday event invite?

My God, it’s already the end of February. It feels like it was only recently when my birthday was steadily approaching last year, and I scrambles to make plans and invite people on Facebook. I recall the whole process of selecting a bar (which in New York City is no easy task), deciding who to invite, and then watching every five minutes to see who RVSPed. Let’s face it, it’s flat-out embarrassing if your birthday event doesn’t hit double-digit guests.

In your head, you always play out how you birthday will go. You assume that most of your close friends will come, and that maybe half the people who fall into the second tier will come. You also throw a few shots in the dark out there for shits and giggles, who almost never come.

You imagine that tons of people will come, all from different areas of your life (coworkers, home friends, school friends, etc.), and that everybody will mingle, get along, and that the entire night will be a hit.

But in reality, many of your close friends won’t come because of certain obligations, like another event, or school related purposes, or maybe they won’t be in town. And then most of the second tier people don’t come at all. So you still hope for a moderate turnout, but regardless, it will never be as good as how you played it out in your head.

Finally, it’s over, and the euphoria that comes with every year’s birthday is gone, and with your next birthday being twelve months away, it feels like it will never come, knowing how much time has to elapse in between.

And then, before you know it, it’s that time again. Amazing.

This year, I will be turning 25 years old. Honestly, I don’t think turning 25 is too big of a deal. It still doesn’t sound very old. And it doesn’t sound very different from 24. Even 26 doesn’t sound too bad. it’s when I turn 27 when I will take a step back and say, “Holy shit. I’m old.” Luckily that is not for two years. And my apologies to anybody who is 27 or older.

But anyway, 25, old or not, is a landmark birthday. And not only that, but my 25th birthday just happens to be on a Saturday. Is that not perfect? There’s really no way I can’t celebrate it with a massive shindig. The stars are aligned just for me.

So, obviously once February came around, I already started thinking about my birthday. I began with brainstorming possible locations, and a couple came to mind.

In fact, last weekend, I actually went with friends to one of the places to scout it out, and ask the employees what their policies are on large birthday groups. It all seemed to work out pretty well, and I’m pretty sure I have my birthday bar location picked out.

The next step is to wait until the appropriate time to invite people on Facebook.

This can be a quandary. In my mind, the perfect time to do it is about 2 and a half weeks before. I say this because it is not uncommon to for people to make plans two weeks in advance, and thus, I want to give them enough notice so that they don’t do that.

Anything longer than I think is unnecessary. If you send out the invites to early, say three, four or even five weeks in advance, then by the time your birthday nears, people will have already forgotten about it. By doing it approximately 17 days in advance, it stays fresh in everybody’s head. But it’s tough, once your birthday is three weeks away, to not give into temptation and send out the invites prematurely. It takes a lot of self-discipline, no doubt.

The other dilemma is deciding who to invite. naturally, you have your close friends, but then you need to decide, how far do I want to range for this party? Do I want just my close friends, or do i want to invite my acquaintances too, meaning people who I never really call to hang out, but people who I often end up hanging out with anyway. It’s tough.

Sometimes you may invite one person, and it means that since you invited them, you may have to invite somebody else, so that they don’t feel left out. it actually all becomes kind of political.

Last year, for my 24th, I kept it kind of small. I wanted to regulate it to just my closer friends, and that way, I knew that most of the people I invited would come. The more people you invite to your birthday, the more impersonal it becomes. Think about it, you’d feel much more honored if you were invited to a party where only 20 people were invited, as opposed to one where 60 people were invited, wouldn’t you?

However, this year, I think I am going to go all-out and invite close friends, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, old elementary school teachers, maybe my dentist, everything. It’s my 25th birthday party, and it’ll be my on my actual birthday, so, what better time is there to ever do it? I’ve earned it.

My actual birthday is on April 7, which is still 45 days away. So I don’t think I’ll need to worry about it until we are three weeks away, which will be on March 17. Sometime between then and March 20, I will send out invitations. Only then will everybody find out if they made the cut.

Again, you can’t predict who is going to come and who isn’t but you can only hope for the best. And no matter what, I am getting obliterated.

It’s my party and I could binge if I want to.


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