Every day I come up with some new type of idea of how to expand Facebook, or even better, totally rip off Facebook with a different variation.

Today: Drunkbook. Think about it.

When Facebook was first created, it was used for college students as a documentation of their party life. Sure, it was also a useful tool to figure out who was in your classes, but for the most part, its purpose was to show all of your high school friends that you were having a ballin’ time during your first couple of years in college.

Nobody else was on Facebook except people in the age range of 17 to 23. You can upload pictures of yourself doing a keg stand, funneling, smoking a bong, whatever. There were no repercussions.

Those days are long over.

At this point, Facebook might as well just be called PoliticallyCorrectBook.

Not only does anybody no longer post drunk photos anymore, but they don’t even post photos of themselves with a beer anywhere in the vicinity. Also, People don’t mock one another on their walls anymore, it’s just sad. If people acted in real life like they do on Facebook, the human race would essentially be the Care Bears. It’s pretty disgusting.

But the universality of Facebook, meaning your employers having it too, will lead to that. It seems like every day you hear a story about how somebody lost their job because of something that was posted on Facebook.

Well, that’s where Drunkbook comes in.

Let’s face it, nothing is more fun than documenting your drunk life on Facebook. The reason for that is simple. Life is more interesting when you are drunk. While inebriated, you are more likely to get into all sorts of high jinks, and partake in amusing endeavors that you normally would not do sober.

And, since you are drunk while doing them, it means that you likely will not remember them the next day. Again, that is where Drunkbook comes in.

Drunkbook simply exists to document your drunk life. You check in from bars, post drunk observations, and pictures of yourselves doing drunk things. It would be the most entertaining thing imaginable.

You would not be allowed to post on Drunkbook while sober. In fact,  to access it over your phone, you should have to breathe into your phone, and it would only unlock if your blood alcohol content exceeded .08.

This way, people could be all chipper and friendly on Facebook, and they could post freely on Drunkbook, while wasted, without the fear of anybody judging them for it.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am all about drunk photos. In college, I used to purposely seek out my friends who I knew brought cameras with them everywhere, because I wanted to see the drunk photos the next day. There is nothing funnier than examining drunk photos of yourself after the fact. Seeing the dumb poses, the random people you interacted with, and best of all, seeing the happy-go-lucky, dopey facial expression on your face that says, “I’m drunk as hell right now, life is awesome, and I don’t give a flying f— about anything else.”

Seriously, nothing beats that.

In fact, I want to open up a drunk photo gallery. Only photos taken while inebriated will be acceptable. With what is considered “true art” nowadays, I don’t see how this could be any worse.

Drunk photos are the best photos, and that is why Drunkbook would succeed.

So that’s all from me, and I definitely intend to add to the gallery this weekend.


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