Bones is a good show… who knew?!

Every single time I saw a commercial for the FOX television show “Bones,” I would become dumbfounded. I would become dumbfounded because I could not believe that this show not only exists, but that it has lasted to a seventh season.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you one person who I know that watches Bones. Not a single individual. I’ve never even heard anyone actually speak of the show.

When I saw the commercials, absolutely nothing about it stood out to me. It’s a crime drama that involved an anthropologist and an FBI agent who try to solve murders. Wow, that’s never been done before! Okay, so maybe it’s unique in that it involves an anthropologist, but the crime-solving aspect has been outdone ad nauseam. Just look at all nineteen CSIs, Law and Order, NYPD Blue, etc. Nothing about Bones stood out to me. To sum up, it looked like your generic run-of-the-mill crime show starring Angel and the other Deschanel sister.

And then I watched it.

I was at a friend’s house, and she put it on the television. Upon learning that I was about to watch my first ever episode of Bones, I voiced my incredulity that she actually wished to watch the show. But I had no choice. To compromise, I decided I would only half-listen, and play with my phone while it was airing.

So, I started doing that, but within the first five minutes of show, I found myself actually laughing out loud (or loling) at some of the dialogue. And not many television shows actually make me laugh out loud.

After that, I started paying more attention, and within twenty minutes, I officially decided that I liked the show.

I’m not going to go into specific detail about exactly what the show is about, because you don’t care. But I’ll tell you why it is good.

It’s the writing that really sets it above and beyond. The script is both intelligent, witty and humorous. You are learning while you are watching, and at the same time, being entertained. The show is actually based on the actual life of a forensic anthropologist who writes fiction novels on the side, so that probably explains its authenticity.

Secondly, the characters are awesome. It’s basically a cast of nerdy, awkward, smart people, or rather, a whole group of Jesse Eisenbergs. The best part is that the actors who play these characters are really self-aware, and know exactly what they are trying to be. They play the nerdy awkward role to a T. It’s not like the Big Bang Theory, which tries to be awkward and funny, but pretty much fails in both. That show sucks. Also, watching the characters in Bones attempt to interact with attractive girls is one of the best parts of the show. They fail miserably, and I can certainly relate to that.

To put it simply, the show is endearing. After just a couple of episodes, you’ll enjoy everyone who is involved.

Also, Emily Deschanel.

I’m not going to stand here and say “Oh my God, she’s so hot” like I do for every woman, but Emily Deschanel is one of those women who you look at once, and you say, “Eh, she’s aight.” Then you look at her again and say, “Oh, she’s actually pretty hot…” and then you look at her one more time and say, “Wow, she is beautiful.”

Standing next to a supermodel, or possibly even her own sister Zooey, Emily Deschanel looks pretty plain. But when you take a closer look, she actually seems like somebody who is attainable. I don’t mean that in a literal sense, as she is both famous and married, but what I mean is that she looks like someone who you might actually come across in real life. She’s not supermodel pretty, she’s normal pretty, and in a way, that is even more desirable.

She also plays the part of Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan very well, and like the rest of the cast, she is very self-aware of the fact that she is a nerd on the show, and she embraces it. She’s the type of person, who if I were to ever meet, I would probably fall for. And then we’d probably go out on a date, and then I’d screw it up somehow, and then it would be over.

On top of all that, David Boreanaz plays the cool, serious FBI man, or in other words, “the straight man” to all of these anthropological nerds, which adds to more humor.

According to Wikipedia, the end-all be-all of everything, the ratings of the show have actually increased with every season. Bones had 9 million viewers in season 1, which jumped to 10 million by season 4, and is now at 11.5 million at season 6. So clearly the show is doing something right.

I know all of this may be shocking, because like me, you probably didn’t think any one else in the world watched this show either, but I am telling you right now that the show is good. And that should be all the validation you need.

Additionally, imagining myself involved in a threesome with Emily and Zooey Deschanel would be the dream of all dreams. Shit, I don’t even need to be there. Both of them with some other dude, and just knowing that it happened, is enough for me.


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