I enjoy light beer and I’m not afraid to admit it

People love to talk about their “beer of choice.” Some enjoy Blue Moon, some like Corona, and some like Guinness. Additionally, whenever people walk into a bar, it is only natural to look at what is on tap and see if there is anything interesting there.

What type of beer you drink also depends a lot on context. If it’s happy hour, and you just want a good, tasty beer to enjoy while you relax and drown out the tribulations of the day, then you’re going to order a quality beer.

If you’re binge drinking, and just looking to get extremely drunk, then you probably will stick to light beer. It contains basically the same amount of alcohol as your average beer, and it goes down easier.

If you’re out at a bar with friends, for a special occasion perhaps, then you could really go either way. Perhaps start out with a quality beer, like Smithwicks, and as you get drunker, maybe you’ll switch to light beer.

But for me, regardless of the context, I like light beer. Wherever I am, regardless of the occasion, give me a Bud Light and I am happy. Yes, I know that Blue Moon, and Blue Point, and Harp all have their own unique and savory taste, but I don’t care. I genuinely enjoy the taste of Bud Light.

And I don’t see what is wrong with that.

If I enjoy it, why even bother wasting my time with anything else? Bud Light is the cheapest, it’s a staple at every bar known to man, and as I said earlier, it’s alcohol content is on par with most beers. Why should I pretend that I am a “sophisticated” beer drinker and order some random Belgian beer if I’m not going to enjoy it? Not that I dislike beers that aren’t Bud Light, I actually like Hoegaarden and most wheat beers. But again, they are much more filling and expensive, so what’s the point?

So If I’m drinking a Bud Light, or a Coors Light, I don’t want people to look at me and judge me because they think I’m getting a crappy beer.

To me, it’s the same thing as ordering an exotic meal at a fancy restaurant just because it’s different, as opposed to just ordering a cheeseburger and being happy.

And Blue Moon is the most overrated beer imaginable. I know it was cool in college to drink Blue Moons, because it’s a good-tasting and somewhat classy beer, but I got over that pretty quickly. And I know what you’re thinking, “Yo dude, put an orange in it! Put an orange in it, man! An orange! It’s so good!”

No. It enhances the quality by about .8%, I’ll give you that. But otherwise, it still tastes pretty much the same.

Also, I used to think that the Belgian beer, Palm, was amazing too, but after having it for the third or fourth time, I was already over it.

People may claim that Bud Light, or Coors Light, or Miller Light, is devoid of taste. But it isn’t. It tastes like beer. It tastes exactly like beer should taste. Just because it lacks some type of fruity aftertaste, or it doesn’t have “hops” — which I have absolutely zero clue as to what that actually means — doesn’t mean it lacks taste. It’s not water.

If I was Irish, or German, or from some obscure European country like San Marino, then I’m sure I would have been raised to enjoy these type of beers. But this is America. This is the county where we wear backwards hats with flat brims still with the sticker on them, sunglasses while we’re indoors, and quote Step Brothers lines while we play beer pong with Keystone Light. And that is all I ever wanted.

Does it make me a shitty beer drinker? Probably. Especially to the outside world. But with a Bud Light bottle in my hand, it’s the best companion I could possibly ask for.


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