This disturbs me

Okay so I was going to post about something humorous today, but I am going to change gears and talk about something serious.

A YouTube video was brought to my attention. I’m going to post it, but there’s every chance it could be taken down by the time you guys read this, so I’ll describe it in detail.

It’s a quick 1:00 video. For some reason, a video camera is on in a room, filming a family of four in their living room. The family consists of a young husband and wife, and their two kids, a son and a daughter, who can’t be older than 3 or 4-years-old. In the video, the wife is annoyingly yelling at her husband for leaving stuff lying around. He kind of ignores her, and then she starts yelling at him further. Things escalate with her getting in his face, and then the husband kicks the TV behind her forcefully. Finally, the woman slaps her husband, who retaliates by punching his wife in the face. The wife starts crying hysterically, the kids run up to comfort her, obviously having no idea what is going on, and then the husband says “F*cking bitch. You want to punch me in the f*cking face?” and then goes up to the camera and turns it off.

The couple is young, and each look about 30-years-old. Here is the clip:

I have no idea why a camera was just randomly running in the room. In all honesty, the whole thing seems kinds of staged. Although the punch to the face does really look genuine. Also, if the husband knew the camera was on, why the hell would he punch his wife? And not to mention that he know the kids were in the same goddamn room! If it is real, I am guessing (or hoping) that their relationship has since ended, and she’s posting it as a means of exposure and revenge.

But even if it is fake, it’s still a completely messed up thing to stage in front of your kids.

And fake or not, the comments by the public on the YouTube page are absolutely disgusting, disturbing and infuriating. Most of the comments are people actually justifying and defending the husband’s behavior.

One comment says: “the woman set the camera up. She just wanted to egg the guy on so she could get some money from the guy. She is a total bitch, and deserved what she got.”

Another comment says: “WOMEN CAN DO ANYTHING A MAN CAN DO! EXCEPT BEING HIT BACK FOR PUNCHING FIRST!” That comment has 18 “thumbs up” from other people.

Many things make me lose faith in humanity, but probably none more than this.

First of all, allow me to say, that if you ever hit a women, you are an absolute coward, and that is all there is to it. I am extremely vocal on this blog about how much women piss me off sometimes, but the mere idea of striking a women with force makes me very angry.

A women can say anything, do anything, shit, they can even hit me in the face with a lead pipe, and I still would never even think about laying a finger on her.

Yes, the women in this video was being — for lack of better word — a “cunt,” and very annoying, but that is when you walk out of the room. You don’t hit her in front of your children. This man is an ultimate piece of shit and deserves to have his dick cut off. I blogged yesterday about what it means to be “manly,” and striking a woman is probably the least manliest thing you can ever do.

Women can be annoying as hell sometimes. We all know that. But there is no excusing for physically abusing them. Men have a physical advantage over women in height and weight. And there’s a reason why, in boxing, that boxers are dived into separate weight classes. It’s so that it can be a fair fight.

Oh yeah, and there’s a reason why men and women don’t fucking ever fight each other in boxing also!

The comments on the YouTube video, with people actually justifying the husband’s behavior, scare the absolute shit out of me. It seriously makes me wonder how much domestic abuse occurs out there that goes unreported.

If someone is ever being unreasonable towards you, then that’s when you leave the room, don’t respond, and then try to reason with them once they have calmed down.

If the day ever comes when I strike a women, then I will know that I have failed as a human being. Whatever I have accomplished, or whatever good qualities I may possess will all be irrelevant, because if such an act is ever committed, then I am not a man at all.


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