So “Draw Something” is now the new thing.

Last year, it was Angry Birds.

Shortly thereafter, it was Words With Friends that dominated the smart phone gaming scene.

Now, apparently, the new game is Draw Something.

Here’s the premise: You draw something, and somebody else guesses it. And that’s it. You wouldn’t think that something so basic — it’s like a condensed version of “Pictionary’ — would become so popular, but even I’ll admit that it is fun. It’s a lot less challenging than Words With Friends, and takes no strategy whatsoever. In fact, a 4-year-old can probably pick it up in about two seconds.

I guess the primary source of fun derives from the fact that it is very difficult to actually draw on a smart phone. You use your finger, and you can choose the thickness of the line that will compile your sketch.

Alright, so maybe there is a little more to it than what I said. You are not actually competing against your opponent, rather you are playing together. When you guess your “opponent’s” drawing correctly, you both receive points. What the points actually mean, I have no clue. But they are supposed to be a good thing.

When choosing what to draw, you are given three options: aneasy, medium and hard choice. The easy might be something like a door, medium might be a fish tank, and hard might be Tyra Banks.

The guesser’s job becomes easier due to the fact that the game only presents a certain amount of letters for you to choose from. Therefore, if you are torn between a few options based on your friend’s monstrosity of a drawing, you can narrow it down by seeing what letters are there.

It’s tempting to select the easiest options, like a dog or a cat, but for me, the fun lies in trying to challenge yourself. Earlier today, I tried to draw a peacock. After that, I tried to encapsulate an entire circus on the screen of my Droid. I feel like I could really hone my drawing skills through this game.

It reminds me a lot of the old Graffiti application that used to exist on Facebook. Unfortunately, that went out the window once Facebook changed its design, and thus the Graffiti app was no longer visible on people’s walls.

I remember that using that app used to be difficult at first, but then me and my friends began to master it and started drawing these shockingly good pictures on each other’s wall. It was really high-quality entertainment. I also remember that you could browse galleries of other people’s Graffiti work, only to see that some people were insane at it. The pictures looked like they should be hanging in a museum. Simply by using the basic drawing tools allotted to them by the application, people were able to capture shadows, shadings, and all sorts of other cool art terms which I can not think of, since I can’t draw for shit.

I feel that Draw Something could evolve in this way. As we continue, I believe that my friends and I will only become better artist through this application. And, like Graffiti, I can see this game becoming big enough that people will post their Draw Something galleries online, and that some will be extremely impressive.

Other than that, this game really has no academic value whatsoever. You can do it just as well drunk as you probably can sober. But heck, I play some of my best Words With Friends moves when I’m drunk. Additionally, I remember there some levels on Angry Birds that I could never beat, only to find myself beating them when I was wasted at a bar.

That means either I am a very functional drunk, or I drink so much that alcohol has such little effect on me anymore that I can still perform basic tasks admirably. I’m just going to pretend it’s the former and ignore all potential health hazards that I may be developing.

The funniest part of the game is that you can guess whenever you want to. So as the drawing is become rendered, you can guess right away if you think you know it. So when you get it right, it’s funny when the rest of this drawing appears that shows this whole elaborate illustration that your friend clearly spent several minutes doing.

Yup, I’m officially addicted to it. It’s like crack. Except this is a drug for the mind and not one you inhale and subsequently ruin your life with.


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