The day the world was universally happy

It’s the middle of March. It was 60 degrees out today for the first time all year. It was sunny. It’s past daylight savings time, so it was bright out until 7 p.m.

What does it all mean?

For one day, one marvelous day, nobody bitched, nobody whined, and nobody complained. Nobody posted on Facebook about how upset they were about the weather. Nobody posted on Facebook about how much they hate their job. Nobody posted about how unfortunate their life is.

Quite the contrary, in fact. Instead, people posted about how enjoyable the weather was. They shared how wonderfully they were enjoying their day, and their time at work. They talked about how much they loved life.

A few days ago, I diagnosed our country with “compassion fatigue,” and today, I am diagnosing our country with seasonal depression. In the winter, it’s not the only the season of snow and cold, but the season of self-loathing. It’s the season where everybody becomes Ebeneezer Scrooge, before he has his encounter with the three ghosts. And minus the wealth.

But then the first beautiful day of spring comes around, and the world becomes a Disney movie. Everybody is skipping their way down the street and singing a happy song. Birds fly on people’s shoulders and chirp along to the tune. And even chipmunks join in on the fun and dance along.

And that leads to the one-million dollar question:

Why can’t people act like this every day?

Imagine how much more enjoyable the world would be if people acted like every day was beautiful, bright, sunny and warm? This planet would be such a better place to live on.

Why do you think nothing bad ever happens in Florida? Except Casey Anthony. And hurricanes. And tsunamis.

Because it is always nice out. Nobody has anything to complain about. In Florida, the big question of the day is which golf course do want to golf on? Which bathing suit should you wear to the beach? Which Miami Heat game should I go to to watch them dominate? There’s no seasonal depression down there. Instead, its yearlong euphoria.

But in the east coast, people are happy for about three or four months a year. The next day it rains, forget it, everybody will be miserable again.

So I guess the point is to enjoy it while it lasts. Heck, maybe, just maybe, people’s happiness will become contagious, and you can start to feel it too!

Again, this is the world during a good day:

And, conversely, this is the world during a bad day:

I just think it’s remarkable how much the weather dictates morale in our country. Or at least, in the parts of the world that experience severe climate changes.

And, no people, “global warming” does not mean that since we had a mild winter, and are having a warm spring, that we will have a blistering hot summer. Global warming, if it’s really happening, polarize the seasons. It takes away the extremes. It means that our winters will not be ice-cold, and are summers will not bring desert-like heat. It means that the summer will be mild. So think again before you welcome global warming.

But who am I to judge? Everybody should go outside and sing a happy song, with the rabbits, the chipmunks and the deer. But just don’t be surprised when, come the winter, when it all comes back to bite you in the ass. Literally. A rabbit will actually bite you.


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